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May 2, 2010 DribbleTheWorld is going to be back in Philly for the Broad Street Run-one of the fastest 10-mile courses in the country by Runner’s World! Who better to dribble this race than Kellyn Lovell?

Kellyn and I were in the same dorm in college. What I had the chance to learn about her is that she is an extremely passionate person. Her heart is so genuine and when she wants to help someone, she doesn’t hold back. Kellyn, like Laurie, had the opportunity to go to Haiti. The second time she went was in March when she went with Laurie. Since then, they have been forever changed by their time there. Lau and Kellyn both fell in love with an orphanage called Sou La Woch (On The Rock) in Ounaminthe, Haiti.

Here’s a little of what Kellyn had to say when I asked her about why she wanted to dribble one of the most popular 10 mile races in the country:


“I love when things in my life connect. I met Occh maybe a week before his Marathon and loved the idea. I have wanted to do a race since then, but it never really worked out. I think it’s cool that God brought it back into my life at the time that He did. Haiti has been so heavy on my heart since my first trip in July and I have wanted to do something about it. Enter you, Laurie and DribbleTheWorld. It must have been a God thing. One of the things that I love about this whole experience is the opportunity to synthesize the gifts and passions God has given me in an amazing way! I’m passionate about running, basketball and using sports to glorify God. I’m passionate about Haiti, social activism and helping people. I guess I was just meant for this.”

You sure were Kellyn! :]


So what can YOU do? A lot of people say, “I could never dribble a race!” So here are some tangible ways that we can help Kellyn in her efforts to continue to support the children at Sou La Woch.



1. Pray: 2 Corinthians 1:11 says: 11 you also helping together in prayer for us, that thanks may be given by many persons on our behalf for the gift granted to us through many.”

2. Cheer Kellyn on! Live in the Philly area? Come on over to the Broad Streeet Run and encourage Kellyn along the way! Can’t make it there on May 2? Send her a message, Facebook her, or like we said above, pray for her!

3. Support DribbleTheWorld: Our mission is to use basketball to rescue African orphans and children in poverty around the world. Laurie and Kellyn became involved first hand by helping people who they were able to build relationships with-real people who are struggling in Haiti. Know of any social issues that you feel we should be involved with? Email us!

4. Give: If you’re interested in supporting Kellyn, there are three ways that you can do so. You can use PayPal, (top right of this page), make a check payable to Ball for Lives, Inc. 395 Park Ave. Fairview, NJ 07022, or give your donation directly to Kellyn. (All donations are tax-deductible).


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  1. avatar Whitney Says:

    Kellyn, thank you so much for dribbling this race for the people of Haiti! Thank you for showing God’s love to His people. We are so proud of you. I look forward to meeting you.

  2. avatar Laurie Plante Says:

    YOu GOT THIS GIRL! … Broad street… HOLLA!

    hey… I have been thinking and praying for you everyday since I shwoed you the dribble… You and I gotta meet. I have made my week-end purposely working so I AM COMING to your meet. I will be there and cheer for you girl… all the way baby!

    mwen remne ou ampil. As you practice and train this week just think about all those kids we met together and the way they had nothing but still always kept going with a smile… thats what YOU ought to do ;)

    je t’aime. here always.

  3. avatar ash Says:


    you’re going to be so wonderful on sunday! thank you so much for your beautiful heart and sharing your love for the people of Haiti and those who are suffering worldwide. Christ is so pleased with your desire to seek and serve Him. thank you for your desire to use your gifts in this way! love you girl!

  4. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    You can do it because God can do it and he will work through you! Go for it!

    Peter & Cheryl

  5. avatar » Blog Archive » Barefoot Running Shoes? Says:

    […] will be sent to this ministry. I hope you were able to see the beautiful orphans that Laurie and Kellyn dribbled for last month in Philadelphia. Let’s continue to use Dribble the World to save […]

  6. avatar Bruce Says:

    Kellyn, thank you so much for dribbling this race for the people of Haiti! Thank you for showing God’s love to His people. We are so proud of you. I look forward to meeting you.

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