Philly Conquered-Twice!

They did it! Two more fantastic women of God were able to finish races on behalf of DribbleTheWorld as they ran on two different weekends in Philly! It is such an encouragement to see how people are continually getting behind the vision of Ball for Lives to use basketball to rescue African orphans and children in poverty around the world.

On April 18,2010 Laurie Plante completed all 12.4 miles of the Penn Relays Distance Classic 20k in an amazing time of 1:42:53. Two weeks later, DribbleTheWorld was back in Philly to support Kellyn Lovell in the Broad Street Run on a very hot and humid Sunday morning! Kellyn was equally as impressive, with a time of 1:40:29. What was so special about Laurie and Kellyn’s involvement in the Broad Street Run? That with these races, these girls put us up to  number 16 on our list of events dribbled to draw awareness to African orphans and children who are in poverty worldwide!

Praise God for what He is allowing us to do for Him and His children! The girls were also able to fundraise $2040 through their efforts. With these donations, Laurie and Kellyn asked that $1040 be sent to Sou La Woch, the orphanage that the two were able to visit during their time in Haiti.  The girls decided to have DribbleTheWorld save $1000 for them to be able to go back to Haiti and minister to the children there.

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  1. avatar » Blog Archive » Into all the World Says:

    […] Plante & Kellyn Lovell- HAITI: As you’ve seen on their post, Philly Conquered-Twice Laurie & Kellyn have been greatly blessed to be able to serve Christ in Haiti after it had […]

  2. avatar Demetrius Walton Says:

    How do I make sure my money goes directly to Kellyn Lovell through Paypal

  3. avatar whitneyrodgers45 Says:

    Hi Demetrius-
    Once you have put in your donation amount and logged into PayPal, there is an option to “Add special instructions to the seller”, once you click on that, you can add “For Kellyn’s Race” or “For Kellyn Lovell” something along those lines and we will designate those donations to her specifically and the cause in Haiti. Thank you so much for your willingness to support Kellyn! I can’t wait to see all the ways in which the Lord will use her even more in Haiti!!
    -Whitney M. Rodgers

  4. avatar whitneyrodgers45 Says:

    Sorry, I just found out that Occh already responded to your question. I do want to take the opportunity once againt to thank you for supporting Kellyn and let you know that your donation is tax deductible. Have a blessed day!


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