3000 Stairs in Quebec City!!

For the past 10 summers I have had the privilege of volunteering at Camp Brochet, a Christian summer camp in Chicoutimi, Quebec (13 hours north of NYC!) Friends and I have been running their basketball camp for the past decade and have met so many amazing brothers and sisters in Christ that have changed my life. Remember Dribble the World’s 2009 New York City Marathon runner, Eric Martin? One of our many contacts from Camp Brochet!

Vincent Tremblay joined Dribble the World when he dribbled The Defi des Escaliers on June 27, 2010!! “The Challenge of the Stairs” was a 17km (10.5 mile) race including over 3,000 stairs in Quebec City. 3000 STAIRS!!

Here are some pictures of Vincent after the race:




Vincent and his wonderful Fiance Maude-We love you guys!!

Vincent became became Dribble the World’s second runner to dribble an international race. You see how God keeps taking the efforts of each of His children and spreading it beyond what we can imagine??

Thank you Vincent for so many incredible summers at Camp Brochet and for taking our vision of Dribble the World another step farther :)

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