DTW’s 20th Running Event!!!!

Dribble the World has now seen 20 (TWENTY!!) different running events across the continent dribbled to help rescue orphans around the world. How long did it take us to get to this milestone?? LESS THAN 3 YEARS!!!

How does God make a movement like this spread like wildfire? He puts people in your path who believe in your vision and give you the confidence to take it farther than what you originally thought possible.

NIcole and JaimeJamie Miller has been one of those men of God in my life. When I was in college I watched Jamie come to the realization that God could use his life in a way that could radically change the world. When he wrote a book, quit his job, and moved his family to Minnesota to start a vision named  Consumed Ministries, I’m sure a lot of people thought he was crazy. What I thought was, “Man, that’s how I want God to use me!”

And here we are, 20 Races later.

Jamie’s life has inspired many others like Nicole Smith’s, and as they crossed the finish line at the Twin Cities Half Marathon on July 4th, they achieved a milestone for us that is truly inspiring. Nicole_finish

Check out their heart, and the amazing cause they ran for in our DTW Post, Consumed by the Vision.

Thank you Jamie, Nicole, and all of you at Consumed Ministries for everything!

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