DTW’s First International Marathon!

There’s no stopping Eric Martin and Micael Carbonneau! August 29, 2010 they dribbled our FIRST INTERNATIONAL MARATHON when they participated in the Marathon Des Duex Rives in Quebec City, Quebec. In finishing the Marathon with a quick time of 4:10, they helped Dribble the World reach race number 22!!
What’s even better is the fact that their lovely wives joined in and ran the Demi-Marathon. Great job Rachael and Claudia! Way to support your wonderful husbands. :]

Just last year, our boys dribbled the Demi-Marathon in Quebec City. Only months after that, Eric, Rachael, Francois and Daniel drove down through the States so Eric could dribble in the 2009 ING NYC Marathon-our THIRD year in a row!! This November, Eric AND Micael are going to be coming back to the city to dribble the Marathon!! That’s going to be FOUR years in a row that Dribble the World will be present in the Marathon and sharing Christ’s love through something as simple as basketball. Eric, Rachael, Micael & Claudia, we are so thankful that Christ placed a desire in your hearts to join Dribble the World on this journey and for bringing it to the point that it is now. We wouldn’t be where we are without you guys.
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  1. avatar George Says:
  2. avatar Laurie Plante Says:

    Cest vraiment vraiment beau de vous voir a l’oeuvre!!!
    Merci Jésus de vous avoir garder et fortifiez à travers ces moments intenses d’entraînement !!! Je vous aimes tous les 4 !!! Miss you all!

  3. avatar Peter & Cheryl Griffith Says:

    Well done guys! There is no limit to what the Lord can do. Let’s spread the Word!

    God Bless

  4. avatar Peter & Cheryl Griffith Says:

    Way to go guys! There is no limit to what the Lord can do. Let the world know the Good News!

  5. avatar David & Manon Martin Says:

    We were there to cheer you on the way and at the finish line; and we were so proud of you (all four of you). We thank God for the health and courage He gave you. We thank you for being so involved in this good cause and so determine to reach your goals.
    May God continue to bless you and protect you on the way. God willing, we will also be in New York to cheer you on.
    Dave and Manon Martin

  6. avatar Karen Occhiogrosso Says:

    It was great to be there in Quebec City with all of you as the guys dribbled toward the finish line. I’ll be waiting for you again in NYC – It never gets old! Thanks for giving so much of yourselves to bless others and show the love of God through basketball.

  7. avatar David & Julie Says:

    We are proud of what you did in QC.
    Now be prepared for NYC…
    We love you!!!

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