Dribble the World’s 4th Straight New York City Marathon

Three years ago I had the amazing privilege of running what would become the beginning of Dribble the World: The 2007 New York City Marathon!

Gian Paul Gonzalez became the 2nd DTW runner to dribble a full marathon and kept our NYC Marathon presence alive!

Last year, Eric Martin from Quebec City, Canada made it 3 straight in NYC for Dribble the World!

And now for 2010, Eric is coming back to NYC with our good friend Micael Carbonneau! After dribbling the 2010 Quebec City Marathon on August 29th, they're ready for New York on November 7th!

Last year we received guaranteed entry for Eric to run the NYC Marathon through an organization named Malaria No More. Check out what they have to say about Malaria:

“Because America conquered malaria in the 1930s, most Americans think malaria is not a serious problem. Yet, malaria is the greatest killer of children in the world, and unfortunately the numbers speak for themselves. 1 Million people die each year, 3000 children die daily, and 250 Million cases occur annually.”

Yet, we have been told personally by Malaria No More’s personnel that their goal is to END MALARIA DEATHS IN AFRICA BY 2015. They even have tear away calendars in their offices counting down until December 31st 2015. As their president, Scott Case told us last month “We are in business to go out of business”

Check out Malaria No More and their amazing mission at MalariaNoMore.org

Malaria No More guaranteed Dribble the World two entries into the marathon when Eric and Micael were not selected through the lottery. In return, we have committed to raise $3000 for each.

Check out how far we are already with our $6000 goal!:

Total Raised /   Donor

$330: Palisades Park Bible Club

$370: Ron Page

$470: David and Julie Martin

$480: Jason Hladik

$530: Joel Strout

$540: Vincent Tremblay

$550: Marie-Eve Cloutier

$590: Frédéric Picard

$610: Marie-Josée Verreault

$660: Gabriel Bedard

$710: Marlene Richard

$760: Luc Gendron

$780: Marie-Josie Ruel

$800: Simon Robert

$820: Alain Giguère and Paule Verreault

$830: Michel Vézina

$855: Hélène Lacroix

$1055: Jean-Louis Lacroix

$1135 : Raphaëlle Duquette

$1155: Dany Hokayem

$1255: Karen Occhiogrosso

$1265: Cassia Cloutier

$1285: Esther Thiessen

$1335: Eric and Rachel Martin

$1435: 4-One

$1510: New Life Community Church

$1525: Ron Abraham

$1550: Maria Notarmaso

$1655: Fairview Gospel Church

$1760: EPIC Youth Group of Garfield

$1790: Nancy Delisle

$1810: Jessie Vallee and Jean-Mathieu Loignon

$1850: Caleb Pagé

$1860: Yves Morin

$1880: Marie-Andree and Bill Knapp

$1910: Chantale Jacques-Gagnon

$1980: Claude Duquette

$2080: Esther Kary

$2130: Daniel Savard

$2230: Whitney Rodgers

$2280: Jim and Jeanne Van Allens

$2305: Floretta Rodgers

$2330: Nathan and Cherith Logan

$2335: Jonathan Slater

$2795: 100 Mile Challenge Anonymous

$2895: Steve and Anne Lauda

$2995: Judith A Moore

$3015: Sara Forcier

$3065: Manon Martin

$3075: Yvon Bolduc

$3095: Sylvain et Darcy Croteau

$3125: Pierre Lachance

$3145: Claudette et Jean Brassard

$3155: Victor Quinn

$3175: Yannick Thomas

$3215: Michel Archibal

$3275: Luc and Jocelyne Vallée

$3305: Pierre Lachance

$3325: Bryan and Wendy Fowler

$3495: Ball for Lives

Donations can be made by check and mailed to Ball for Lives, 395 Park Ave, Fairview, NJ 07022 or online on the top right hand corner of DribbletheWorld.com. When on PayPal click on “add special instructions to the seller” and specify your gift as “NYC Marathon.” Donations to Ball for Lives are tax-deductible.

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  1. avatar Rachael and Eric Says:

    Hey everyone (tout le monde)

    Merci beaucoup pour vos dons. Thank you very much to donate for the project. Keep on sharing what we do to everyone you know. It takes a couple of minutes and every net or 10 $ are really appreciated and important for us and mostly for those who daily fight Malaria. We need a minimum of 600 nets. We can do it. Yes we can. We need you !

  2. avatar Daniel & Karen Savard Says:

    Great to see you two involved in such a worthwhile cause. We cheer you onto NYC!

  3. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    All for the Glory of God! We are praying for you guys and all the blessings to come out of this!

    God Bless

  4. avatar DribbleTheWorld.com » Blog Archive » The Second Annual 100 Mile Challenge Says:

    […] year’s 100 Mile Challenge has the same mission as Eric and Miceal’s 2010 NYC Marathon run:  to defeat malaria, the #1 killer of children in the world. Although we eradicated malaria […]

  5. avatar Maryse et Claude Says:

    Tu es un homme consacré et courageux Micaël. On est fier de toi et on veut collaborer avec toi pour cette cause qui sauve des familles de Tanzaniens .
    Dieu nous dit de faire ce que l’on aimerait que les autres fassent à notre égard alors GLOIRE A DIEU POUR VOTRE OBÉISSANCE à TOI et ERIC

  6. avatar Judy Moore Says:

    Bravo, nous sommes fiers de vous!!

  7. avatar David & Manon Martin Says:

    Cher Éric, Nous sommes tellement fiers de toi et nous prions que tu ne te blesses pas avant de partir, afin que tu puisses encore une fois compléter le marathon de N.Y. et être content de la santé que Dieu t’a donnée, en plus d’avoir amassé de l’argent pour aider les familles africaines à enrayer la malaria. Que Dieu te bénisse, toi et Micael aussi !
    Tes parents XX

  8. avatar BallforLives.com » Blog Archive » WE FOUND THE CURE!!!!! Says:

    […] this next month to help end Malaria deaths (because they CAN be ended). Our 100 Mile Challenge and 2010 NYC Marathon runs are both going towards ending […]

  9. avatar Esther (Thiessen) Savard Says:

    Having seen firsthand the devastation of malaria in terms of both illness and death, while working in West Africa, I am highly in favour of the goal of getting mosquito nets to poor families. It’s such a simple and inexpensive way to prevent this terrible parasitic infection! BRAVO, Eric and Michael! God bless and strengthen you as you run and dribble for those who will benefit from your initiative.

  10. avatar Whitney Says:

    Eric and Micael! We are so excited for you to dribble this race! Thank you so much for your efforts and determination! We are praying for you!

  11. avatar ash Says:

    Eric & Mic!!

    We can’t wait to see you! God is using you both in an amazing way! We can’t wait for you guys to be here! We’ll continue praying for you and everyone coming with you this Friday! Thank you so much for your continued support of Ball for Lives and joining us on the movement! You and your wonderful wives are truly a blessing to us!

  12. avatar Jerry Knox Says:

    How fast did you guys do the previous marathons dribbling a basketball? Amazing.

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