The 2010 100 Mile Challenge has been Completed!

On Sunday, 10/10/10,  1 Basketball was dribbled through 20 continuous 5 mile sections of New York City and New Jersey.

Check out this year’s course for the 100 Mile Challenge!

(The total is over 100 because the Staten Island Ferry ride is included. 1-5 and 90-100 overlap. To see it in different types of maps [like satellite map] click View Full Screen)

This year’s 100 Mile Challenge was amazing!! Bringing dozens of people together to complete a 100 Mile relay takes a LOT of details to come together. God gave us the wisdom, discernment, love and incredible weather to help us finish!  Here are some quick stats:

–1 basketball did make it the entire 100 Mile Course! (last year we used a different basketball for each 20 Mile section)

–18 runners dribbled that basketball 5 miles each (thank you Bernie and Jose for doing 10 miles each!) and covered the entire 100 mile course! (only 15 people dribbled last year with several more doing 10 Miles)

–Over 30 running partners joined those dribblers so that 85 miles of the course had running partners!

–We are now over $3000 raised in the fight to end the #1 killer of children in the world: Malaria. Just as Jesus died to give us eternal life, we now dribble, run, and give our lives so that others may live.

Check out the latest totals and help us raise $6000 for Malaria No More!

Total Raised /   Donor

$330: Palisades Park Bible Club

$370: Ron Page

$470: David and Julie Martin

$480: Jason Hladik

$530: Joel Strout

$540: Vincent Tremblay

$550: Marie-Eve Cloutier

$590: Frédéric Picard

$610: Marie-Josée Verreault

$660: Gabriel Bedard

$710: Marlene Richard

$760: Luc Gendron

$780: Marie-Josie Ruel

$800: Simon Robert

$820: Alain Giguère and Paule Verreault

$830: Michel Vézina

$855: Hélène Lacroix

$1055: Jean-Louis Lacroix

$1135 : Raphaëlle Duquette

$1155: Dany Hokayem

$1255: Karen Occhiogrosso

$1265: Cassia Cloutier

$1285: Esther Thiessen

$1335: Eric and Rachel Martin

$1435: 4-One

$1510: New Life Community Church

$1525: Ron Abraham

$1550: Maria Notarmaso

$1655: Fairview Gospel Church

$1760: EPIC Youth Group of Garfield

$1790: Nancy Delisle

$1810: Jessie Vallee and Jean-Mathieu Loignon

$1850: Caleb Pagé

$1860: Yves Morin

$1880: Marie-Andree and Bill Knapp

$1910: Chantale Jacques-Gagnon

$1980: Claude Duquette

$2080: Esther Kary

$2130: Daniel Savard

$2230: Whitney Rodgers

$2280: Jim and Jeanne Van Allens

$2305: Floretta Rodgers

$2330: Nathan and Cherith Logan

$2335: Jonathan Slater

$2795: 100 Mile Challenge Anonymous

$2895: Steve and Anne Lauda

$3065: Ball for Lives

Donations can be made by check and mailed to Ball for Lives, 395 Park Ave, Fairview, NJ 07022 or online on the top right hand corner of When on PayPal click on “add special instructions to the seller” and specify your gift as “NYC Marathon.” Donations to Ball for Lives are tax-deductible.

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  1. avatar Jamie Says:

    Occh, I will come next year and take the Staten Island Ferry portion of the race =). Great work everyone!

  2. avatar occh Says:

    We’re gonna take you up on that come October 2011 :)

  3. avatar » Blog Archive » WE FOUND THE CURE!!!!! Says:

    […], this next month to help end Malaria deaths (because they CAN be ended). Our 100 Mile Challenge and 2010 NYC Marathon runs are both going towards ending […]

  4. avatar Our God Can | Says:

    […] we decided to dedicate Dribble the World’s 2nd Annual 100 Mile Challenge to raise funds and awareness for Malaria No More, whose goal is to end Malaria deaths in Africa by […]

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