The Preseason Marathon

This is Huge.

Imagine high school basketball teams across the country (and world) catching the vision of Dribble the World. Through Ball for Lives’ Create the Crossover presentation, I have the privilege of speaking and dribbling in front of high school students all over New Jersey and New York City. After sharing with them how I dribbled the NYC Marathon with a basketball, most of them say, “I could never do that!”

Well now they can, because the Licking County Christian Academy boys basketball team is about dribble a marathon in Ohio. Check out their story in the Newark Advocate!  LCCA Players to Attempt Dribbling Marathon

Basketball players don’t need to run long distances. They need to run short disances hard. So we set up the Preseason Marathon, an event that allows high school basketball programs to do what I did in NYC in ’07: dribble 26 miles with a basketball.

Here’s the way it works: 26 players and coaches from a school’s basketball program dribble 1 mile each as hard as they can in a relay (with one runner picking up the extra .2). Playing college ball at Baptist Bible College, we were required to run a timed mile in the preseason.  Dribble the World’s Preseason Marathon is a perfect way to get players in shape for their season, strengthen ball handling, build team unity, and save lives around the world.

Teams that sign up for the Preseason Marathon raise funds and awareness for The X-Fund, the third effort of Ball for Lives that focuses on abolishing child sex slavery and prostitution. If you’re familiar with The Vision of The X-Fund, you realize that each individual who participates has an incredible opportunity to save countless lives (as well as his or her own) through entering our X-Fund project.

Now imagine when teams across the country are signing up for the Preseason Marathon and joining the X-Fund. Coach Davis and his players will forever know that God used them to help start the whole movement.

Thank you Coach Davis and the LCCA Eagles!

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  1. avatar Coach Davis Says:

    My guys and girls have been running a mile before or after practice each day of practice. I pray that the student athletes can bring an awareness to this wonderful opportunity. Hope this becomes a tradition. Thanks for challenging us at basketball camp OCCH.

  2. avatar occh Says:

    Coach Davis, You have been such an encouragement to this movement every year I see you at basketball camp. What you are doing means more to your players than we or they realize, and God will bless your heart to get them involved in amazing ways. Thank you so much!!!

  3. avatar Coach Davis Says:

    It went well. I emailed you and explained how it went. Thanks for sharing your vision with us. I pray other schools take the challenge.

  4. avatar Whitney Says:

    Thank you so much, Coach Davis and team!! This is such an encouragement to us!!

  5. avatar First Ever Preseason Marathon Completed! | Says:

    […] did Dribble the World’s first ever Preseason Marathon go? I’ll let the Newark Advocate speak for […]

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