First Ever Preseason Marathon Completed!

How did Dribble the World’s first ever Preseason Marathon go? I’ll let the Newark Advocate speak for itself:


Eagles’ marathon a test run to gauge future fundraisers

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HEATH — Dribbling and running are not a difficult task for basketball players, so the Licking County Christian Academy varsity teams never bulked at the idea of a dribbling marathon.

The Eagles executed their goal Saturday, traveling 26.2 miles around Heath and Newark in less than four hours. As the last dribbler made his way back to the Newark Baptist Temple, boys coach Paul Davis joyously announced the final time of 3:41.25.

“We got excited about it because it is just not something you see very often,” senior Tanner Harlow said.

The idea came from a basketball camp hosted at Baptist Bible College in Summit, Pa., this past summer. Davis and a few of his players became familiar with the organization Dribble the World. The group’s founder, Dan Occhiogrosso, dribbled the New York City Marathon in 2007 to benefit orphans in South Africa.

The LCCA marathon started about 9 a.m. at the church, and each of the high school teams’ players took a mile. They started up Licking View Drive past Heath High School and traveled north into downtown Newark. The teams then went west toward Licking Memorial Hospital before coming back into Heath down South 30th Street.

“I had No. 9; I ran down Main Street,” junior Jacob Milhorn said. “The hardest part was sidewalks. The sidewalks are really bad in Newark.”

Those dribbling during the second half of the marathon did not get a chance to sleep past the alarm clock. The rest of the Eagles followed throughout the marathon on a bus, encouraging and sometimes adding good-natured heckling during each player’s mile.

The goal of this year’s marathon was to raise awareness and create a test run. With Saturday’s success, the Eagles will be able to consider making it an annual event and take donations and pledges.

“The whole team rode the bus and cheered on everyone,” Harlow said. “We were just trying to support each other. They were yelling pretty loud. It wasn’t like you couldn’t hear them.

Milhorn added, “A bunch of people honked.”

The Eagles were supporting a charitable cause Saturday, but Harlow was quick to point out service should never take a day off.

“It is not that hard to pick up trash or open the door for someone,” Harlow said. “Just giving an encouraging word can make a day so much better.”

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Couldn’t have written it any better myself :)


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  1. avatar occh Says:

    Love what you guys accomplished!! Pray with us that this will be the first of many. I hope to come out to your school soon!

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