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One of the biggest ways you can help us Dribble the World to save more lives is something most of you do everyday already: Tell the world about something cool you saw online!

3 simple ways you can help make Dribble the World huge online

1. Stay Involved through Dribble the World Email Updates. On the right side of DribbletheWorld.com is a signup box for you to begin receiving our email updates. You’ll find out about upcoming races and exactly how you can be involved in helping us save more lives. Forward our emails, and the potential growth is limitless!

2.  Read our Posts and Leave Comments on our Site. Educate yourself on poverty issues around the world and what solid organizations are doing to save lives. Leave us your thoughts under each post: the more interaction we get on DribbletheWorld.com, the bigger the movement grows!

3. Spread our Vision Everywhere on Facebook! Imagine if every time we put a post up on DribbletheWorld.com thousands of people were attaching it to their profiles. It takes a couple of seconds, yet the potential of who might see it and get involved is endless. Become a fan of Dribble the World HERE!

With these 3 free, simple ways to be involved, it will only take you a couple of minutes each week to profoundly help us make a difference. Want to take your voice to the next level? There are even greater ways that you can help us SHARE THE VISION WITH OTHERS!

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