Get Behind our Runners!

The thought of dribbling a running event in front of hundreds, thousands, or millions of people can be a little intimidating! God didn’t create us to try to do everything on our own. He loves seeing His children support one another to accomplish great things for His glory!

You can support our runners in 4 specific ways:

1. Pray for our runners. After each update you receive from Dribble the World, take the time to pray for the specific people involved and ask God to do great things in their lives.

2. Leave comments on their web-post. Imagine one of our runners seeing dozens of comments from people around the world encouraging them to achieve their goal. Each time you read about one of our events on our site, leave a comment to the participants and inspire them to keep going!

3. Go and cheer on a runner on race day! Imagine what it would mean to a runner if you and your friends came out to support them personally. I know that Johnny and Deanna really helped me and Ron at the New York City Marathon! If you are in the NYC area, this opportunity comes several times a year. Contact Us and find out if a Dribble the World event is coming your way!

4. Donate to a runner’s cause. When someone runs for Dribble the World they pick a cause dealing with global poverty and injustice that they are passionate about. Few things motivate a runner more than knowing their effort is accomplishing Dribble the World’s goal: to raise awareness and funds for people in poverty around the globe. You can donate on the right side of this web-page!

What’s amazing about supporting our runners is just how inspired you can become in the process. You might even find yourself considering to DRIBBLE A RACE :)

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