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One person dribbling 26.2 miles in front of millions of people at the 2007 New York City Marathon to rescue orphans in South Africa. Now, people dribbling races across the continent to save lives around the globe. This is inspiring, and people want to hear about it!

Here are 5 simple ways people can share our vision with others:

1. Know any basketball players, fans, runners, or coaches? Know people who are passionate about God and people? Tell them about what we’re doing!

2. If you are a teacher of any kind, you can use Dribble the World as a powerful illustration of the potential each of our lives has to change the world! School teachers, coaches, Pastors, Sunday School instructors, youth group leaders, camp counselors, PARENTS, and any type of leader over people can take our story and help inspire the people they are in charge of to do great things!

3. Recruit a runner! Know someone who likes running, basketball, or both? Could they be passionate about acting against global poverty? Have them check out our WANT TO DRIBBLE A RACE? page!

4. Bring Occh into your school, church, or camp to share the vision through his Create the Crossover presentation! For more information, visit and email Dan Occhiogrosso at

5. For believers in Jesus Christ, please use what we are doing to share the good news of His love for us! One of the first questions we are asked when we tell people about dribbling miles on end is: “WHY?” We invite you to use our story to share our motivation with the people in your life who don’t know Jesus. He is Why We Dribble the World!

Once you get involved spreading the word ABOUT our runners, it’s time for you to directly HELP OUR RUNNERS complete their task!

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