Choose Your Running Event and Start Training!

After registering with Dribble the World, the next step is picking a running event that you want to dribble.

Is there a 10k race in the town of your church, school, or workplace that you could dribble to save lives? How about a half marathon in a city you’ve always wanted to visit? Towns and cities all over the world have running events you could choose to participate in. Once you are registered with us, the choice is yours!

If you are willing and able to come to the New York City area,  you can participate in a Dribble the World sponsored event, like our 100 Mile Challenge or El Maraton Descalzo (the Barefoot Marathon). Contact us if you are interested in joining one of these events!

Once you know how long  your course will be on race day, you’ll need to start training! Dribble the World participants are required to meet our training requirements or else they are not permitted to run on our behalf. These requirements are listed in the application each of our participants must fill out.

After registering with us and choosing your running event, the time comes to choose what will motivate you to Dribble the World.

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