Choose Your Cause

Once you know Where you will Dribble the World, the time comes to decide who you will dribble for:

In 2007, Occh dribbled the 2007 New York City Marathon to help Bethesda Outreach rescue more of the orphans of South Africa.

In 2009, Ashley Ten Kate Dribbled the New York City Half Marathon to benefit Love 146 and their mission of abolishing child sex slavery and exploitation. Her best friend, Whitney Rodgers, then dribbled a Half Marathon in Queens, New York to help World Vision provide clean water sources througout developing countries.

In 2010, Eric Martin and Micael Carbonneau Dribbled the Quebec City Marathon to help Malaria No More end Malaria deaths in Africa by 2015.

What do all these causes have in common? Each runner dribbled to save the lives of people who are suffering due extreme poverty, and each choose a solid organization that is doing something to help end the problem. There are many other causes to run for, but people suffering in poverty is who we believe God is calling Dribble the World to help.  

When you fill out your application, you will tell us what cause and organization you are passionate about helping. If you are not sure on a specific cause or organization, we can help you find one. We at Dribble the World have the final say on what organizations we allow our runners to dribble for.

 Ready to Dribble the World to save lives? Then the final step is the most important of all. . .

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