Raise Awareness and Funds!

Once you are registered with us and have chosen your race and cause, it’s time to start raising awareness for your cause and funds for your organization!

We say awareness first, because we believe that letting people know will lead to more funds raised. It’s also a lot more fun! If you are like us, you really don’t like asking people for money. But you can be proud to let people know about a growing movement of people across the continent dribbling races to save lives. When they hear that you, someone they know and trust, have joined this wordwide effort, many will be inspired to donate!

You can also be bold in sharing about your cause: the people who are  suffering so badly, and the people that are taking action against it. Again, as people are moved by the injustice that so many in this world are facing, many will be inspired to give.

We don’t demand our runners to raise incredible amounts of money, BUT WE DO EXPECT THEM TO RAISE A TON OF AWARENESS. This is something that anyone can do!  

We at Dribble the World are happy to get behind our runners as they raise awareness and funds for thier causes. By putting their stories on our email updates, website, and Facebook page, we help them spread the word even farther, just as they are helping to spread our vision to new people everywhere.

Think you could go through these 4 steps to dribble a race with us? Contact us and let us know!

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