Gobble Jog 5k ’08

Josh Waldron before the Gobble Jog 5k in Marietta, Georgia.

Josh Waldron before the Gobble Jog 5k in Marietta, Georgia.

Josh Waldron is the founder of Studio JWAL LLC and a public school history teacher in the state of Virginia. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Josh had the opportunity to dribble the Gobble Jog 5k in Marietta, GA. He finished in a respectable time of 26:09 (official race results here). Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“Before the race I had some excellent opportunities to interact with other runners who wanted to know why in the world I would dribble a road race. Their questions opened the door for meaningful conversations about the AIDS epidemic and the millions of AIDS orphans we’re trying to help through the game of basketball.”

In addition to the race itself, Josh was encouraged by many of his high school students who donated money that will go directly to AIDS orphans. Their names are listed below:

  • Samantha Robertson
  • Macayla Furry
  • Jason Zwecker
  • Sammi Day
  • Brentley Carter
  • Kiala Simmons
  • Desean Dillard
  • Shayne Shands
  • Amanda Jones
  • TJ Brooks
  • Derrick Hammer
  • Tucker Strader
  • Helen Gardea
  • Courtney Collins
  • Andrea Oliver
  • Alberto Fernandez
  • Abbie Haynes
  • Rebecca Eldredge
  • Ashley Perkins
  • Ariel Sweet
  • KiKi Radic
  • Brittany Clark
  • Landon Clarke
  • Jessica Early
  • Trisha Southern
  • Paula Stickley
  • Timmy Everitt
  • Trevor Munio
  • Holly Brown
  • Brittany Kirman
  • Shawna Smith
  • Scottie Lafferty
  • Vinny Armpriester

If you’d like to reach Josh, you can contact him directly through his website: www.iamjwal.com.

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