Our Vision

The mission of Dribble the World is to see people all over the globe dribbling running events to raise AWARENESS and FUNDS for different poverty causes around the world. We also believe that our vision can change lives right in our local communities.

What do we want God to accomplish through our vision?

1. We want dribbling races to raise AWARENESS for those who are suffering: Each of our runners chooses a poverty cause that they want to raise awareness for. When 40,000+ runners compete in the New York City Marathon, how many do you think are dribbling? As far as we know, our runner is the only one! What a great opportunity to raise awareness for those who are suffering! Now imagine the stories of runners dribbling running events around the world spreading across the internet. Our vision has the potential to be a voice for the suffering and awaken the masses to organizations that are saving lives. Help us Spread the Word!

2. We want dribbling races to raise FUNDS to help quality organizations save more lives: Dribble the World runners also choose a solid organization that is doing something about the poverty issue they chose. We want to use the awareness they raise to offer people a chance to fund those organizations so they can save more lives. You can donate to sponsor a runner on the right side of this web-page!

3. We want dribbling races to change the lives of our runners: Think about how someone’s life can be changed by doing something as big as dribbling in front of thousands of people. Our runners’ lives are forever different after coming to a fuller understanding of the suffering that goes on around the world, and knowing that God used them to do something about it. We hope that dribbling a race will only be the beginning of a journey for each runner to understand what God truly created them for, and why Jesus and rose again: to offer us relationship and purpose with Himself and His Church.

4. We want dribbling races to inspire others live for something big: We hope that each person who hears about Dribble the World would be inspired to get involved in saving lives around the globe. We want each donation to be the first of many from that person in the fight to offer hope to those who are suffering. More than that, we want people to see that God created them for something great, and that the greatest thing in all the world is to know and serve Him. How can you know this God as your Father? We invite you to read more about the Jesus who has given us our motivation HERE.

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