2009 Tampa Bay Marathon

tampa-09-featuredOn the coldest, windiest day in Tampa Bay’s history (at least to a guy from Jersey)  Nate Logan dribbled all 26.2 miles of the 2009 Gasparilla Marathon! Nate is one of my best friends from college, someone I played 4 years of basketball with. What a privilege it was to run the last 10 miles with him–even if miles 21-25 were under a complete downpour! As we ran utterly soaked with Nate bouncing a waterlogged ball through puddles, my mind was brought back to the 5:30 am basketball practices we went through with our other brothers on the team. It truly is amazing how God used those times to bring us back together to achieve something incredible for His glory!

Nate finished the marathon in 4:44:14, an extremely respectable time considering the weather conditions.

Dribbling 26.2 miles is an awesome picture of the dreams Nate has for God using him to change the world. He and his wife Cherith with their two kids Gradyn and Jace, will be moving to Porto Alegre, Brazil. I’m excited for what the Lord has in store for them!

Check out their vision at Loganministry.com

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  1. avatar Tom Says:

    My wife and I were behind you for several miles at the Gasparilla Marathon. Great job! God is watching, and he too is very impressed.


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