A Dribble the World Fundraising Record

Remember our latest Dribble the World runner, Kathy Kelly, who was off to Disney to dribble the Princess Half Marathon? Well, not only did she finish the 13.1 miles dribbling, she shattered the record for most funds raised through a Dribble the World race! Enjoy her post race story below:
On February 27th, I ran Disney’s Princess Half Marathon while dribbling a basketball to raise money for two great charities, Be the Match and World Vision. This is the first race I have ever participated in, and it was the experience of a lifetime.  I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who supported my cause and helped me through these 13.1 miles.  I have currently raised over $5,700, which will be used to save lives in both the U.S. as well as abroad.

Kathy Kelly became only the third female Dribble the World runner to complete a Half Marathon!

As anyone who has ever run a Disney race before can attest, this half marathon is like no other.  Celebrating women’s health and wellness, the race had over 17,000 runners, most of whom were decked out in princess garb.  A few men decided to dress up as well; there were princes, frog princes, and even some male Cinderellas.  The bottom line is that this could very well be the most fun 13.1 mile race that anyone has ever run!

Kathy also was our first runner to ever Dribble the Disney World! : )

Even though many runners donned funny costumes, as the lone dribbler, I stood out in the pack.  From the time the fireworks blasted as the race started, runners snapped photos of me, asked what I was dribbling for, some told me I was crazy, and others called out that I was their hero.  I received so much positive attention for Dribble the World during that 13.1 miles, and it is truly inspiring to me what a basketball can do.  As I crossed the finish line, I was so overjoyed at what I had accomplished, but even more that I did it for others.  Thank you to everyone who read my story and offered their support.  Your generosity is being felt across the nation and around the globe.

-Kathy Kelly

Ball for Lives will be mailing out a $2, 853 check this week to both Be the Match and World Vision. We’re so proud of you Kathy!! Thank God for the amazing people He keeps bringing across our paths.

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  1. avatar Debbie Kelly Says:

    I’m so proud of you!! Awesome accomplishment
    Love mom

  2. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Well done! You certainly prove the point – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

    God Bless you

    Peter & Cheryl

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