The 3rd Annual 100 Mile Challenge

What started as a crazy idea in the spring of 2009 has become a powerful yearly event!

Sunday, October 16th will be our 3rd Annual The 100 Mile Challenge:

20 Runners dribbling a basketball 5 miles each totaling a 100 Mile Relay! The 100 Mile Challenge spans 8 different towns and cities in New Jersey and all 5 boroughs of New York City, including 8 bridges!

Check out video from the first 100 Mile Challenge HERE

Dribble the World was started in 2007 when Occh dribbled the New York City Marathon with a basketball to benefit Bethesda Outreach in South Africa. AIDS has left millions of children orphaned in Sub-Saharan Africa, and our friends at Bethesda do an amazing work in taking in these children and placing them into Christian families and their own Christian school. They also partner with local churches and orphanages, better enabling them to respond to the AIDS epidemic. Whitney and Ashley went there personally last year and saw first hand what God is doing through Bethesda!

Best of all, Bethesda’s number one priority and goal is so powerfully stated in their mission statement: “to help local churches in meeting the needs of orphan children that they may become disciples of Christ. Bethesda daily offers their children and the surrounding communities the most wonderful thing in all the world: a relationship with God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Unfortunately, the parent organization of Bethesda, Evangelical Baptist Missions, had to dissolve their organization this past summer. The Lord has taken care of Bethesda, and they have become their own non-profit organization. However, they lost A LOT of funding and support in the process. In this extremely challenging time for them, we want to step up and help our friends continue sharing Christ’s love with more orphans!


1. Pray that God would would use our efforts to spread His love through Bethesda Outreach in South Africa, and through this event right here in our community. It is only His love that can offer both the African orphan, and the American young person the greatest love, joy, and peace in all the world. 

2. If you live in the NYC area, come be a part of the event! We still have room for dribblers, runners, bikers, photographers; we will find a way to get you involved!

3. Help Spread the 100 Mile Challenge everywhere! Post this video to your facebook, share it with your Sunday School class; whatever you can do to inspire the people you know with what God is doing through the 100 Mile Challenge. Make sure you follow Dribble the World on Facebook so you can watch and share our upcoming videos.

4. Encourage Bethesda Outreach in this time of deep difficulty for them. Leave a comment on this page letting them know you care!

5. Donate to Bethesda Outreach in honor of the 100 Mile Challenge. You can give online or by check.

-DONATE ONLINE to Ball for Lives (the parent organization of Dribble the World) on the right side of this web page.  Be sure to type “Nicole Smith” in “Add special instructions to seller” during your paypal session.

-CHECKS can be made out to “Ball for Lives, Inc.” and mailed to

Ball for Lives, Inc. * 395 Park Ave. * Fairview, NJ 07022.

100% of your donation will be sent to Bethesda Outreach!

BallforLives is a 501(c)3 organization, and your donation is tax deductible.


Thank you, Father, for truly being the Father of the fatherless.

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  1. avatar Shann de Smidt Says:

    Thanks guys, we appreciate this and will be watching how you do….from the staff and students at Bethesda

  2. avatar occh Says:

    Shann, Thank YOU for everything you are doing in South Africa! We simply hope we can be play a small part in the amazing things God is doing through you all at Bethesda.

  3. avatar Machuca Says:

    Sorry I cannot be there this year to run and cheer you guys on. Praying that God will bless this event and use it to bless Bethesda in so many ways. Miss you and love you guys!! Keep sharing the word and loving Gods children.

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