Colin Heyens brings DTW to Ontario!

Remember these two guys?


When Ashley Ten Kate dribbled the 2009 New York City Half Marathon, she probably had little idea that it would help inspire Eric Martin and Micael Carbounneau to dribble the Quebec City Half Marathon in Canada that same year. Little did I know that Eric would then dribble the New York City Marathon a couple months later! If you’ve followed Dribble the World over the past year, you know that Eric and Micael then did ANOTHER TWO MARATHONS in 2010: the Quebec City and New York City Marathons!

I love how God takes the plans of His children and makes them so much bigger than we originally planned. So I should not have been surprised when Dribble the World received an application from Ontario, Canada saying the following:

“I found out about Dribble the World from a very distant relative (4th Cousins). These particular relatives live in the
Quebec City area and attend the same church as Eric and Rachel Martin, who, if I’m not mistaken, you know personally. So a postcard with the information on Dribble the World has been passed along quite a ways until it got to me.”

Colin Heyens is set to dribble the Hamilton Marathon in Ontario, Canada on Sunday, November 6!

Colin is a young man who has not only traveled internationally to work with kids in poverty, but has also been running and playing basketball for most of his life! Now he will bring the two together as he dribbles the Hamilton Marathon with a basketball to raise funds and awareness for two organizations that are helping kids in need:

Joy and Hope for Haiti: Colin’s younger sister was adopted from Haiti, and he has an enormous heart to help them help more children!

City Kidz, based in Hamilton, “strives to transform the lives of inner-city children, to break the cycle of hopelessness, and to end child poverty.” As we Dribble the World to save lives in 3rd world countries, we can’t forget about poverty right in our own backyard!

Check out Colin’s website and find out more about how you can join him in changing lives in Haiti and Canada!

Dribble Hamilton Marathon

We truly do serve a Sovereign King. We are praying for you Colin!

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  1. avatar Colin Heyens Says:

    Thanks so much Dan for posting this!! If anyone is interestd in checking out my website you can follow this link:

  2. avatar Karen Occhiogrosso Says:

    How wonderful to see how God has worked in all of this! Our thoughts and prayers will be with Colin on Sunday as he uses his gifts to help kids in need.

  3. avatar occh Says:
  4. avatar Whitney Says:

    Thank you so much for doing this, Colin!!

  5. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Go for it Colin! God will be right there with you helping you to do all things for His glory.

    God Bless

    Peter & Cheryl

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