Jose Grullon is Dribbling the NYC Marathon!

When I dribbled the New York City Marathon in 2007, I crossed the finish line with two thoughts:

-I’m in a lot of pain!!

-Imagine if God spread this idea so that other people all over the world could dribble races to help those in poverty!!

Over 30 Races later, here we are today!

When I dribbled that Marathon, Jose Grullon was a freshman at Memorial High School in West New York, NJ where I sub and coach. His first exposure to Dribble the World was when he ran in our first ever 100 Mile Challenge.

Since then, Jose has participated in every one of our 100 Mile Challenges and Descalzo Relays!

Jose, Roxana, Francisco y Francisco David y Jose CIMG1107 Occh & Jose!
Jose really took his involvement to the next level when he joined Create the Crossover’s Prom Trip to the Dominican Republic to work with orphans and the elderly.

CIMG1497 CIMG1505 CIMG1599
As Jose continued to join us on these events, we would frequently talk about a dream of his that he would accomplish after he graduated: dribbling the New York City Marathon with a Basketball!

Just months after he graduated this past June,  Jose is ready to achieve for us another powerful reminder of God’s grace: our 5th straight New York City Marathon!

Jose has chosen to run for Lend-A-Hand India, an organization working hard to change young lives throughout India through education. Half of India’s poplulation is under the age of 25, and in rural India, there are an estimated 24 MILLION unemployed working age youth. These young people are many times forced to move into already overcrowded cities. Check out an impressive video from Lend-a-Hand India, expaining how they plan to reach 20,000 youth with job training: Plan 100 Video.


-You can visit Jose’s personal donation page to donate online by following this link:  

-Like other DTW events, you can always donate to Ball for Lives on the right side of this webpage (just type Jose’s Marathon under “Note to Seller” during your paypal session).

-Checks can be made out to to Lend-a-Hand India and mailed to Ball for Lives – 395 Park Ave – Fairivew, NJ 07022.

Each donor will receive a copy of a book entitled, “No Longer a Slum Dog” from an amazing organization named Gospel for Asia. GFA labors to spread the hope of Jesus Christ throughout India as they meet the physical needs of the poor and oppressed. It is our honor to spread their message through Jose’s marathon!

Receive a free copy of this powerful book when you donate to Lend-a-Hand in honor of Jose!


Jose, I am so proud of how you! Thank God He truly can use our actions to inspire the future generation with the incredible potential to do great things with their lives. We love you Jose! You’ll do great!

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  1. avatar Whitney Says:

    Jo! I am sooooo proud of you!

  2. avatar ash Says:

    Jose! I’m SO proud of you! It’s amazing what the Lord has been doing in your life & heart! You’re going to do an AMAZING job on Sunday!!! Can’t wait to see you run man!

  3. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Go Jose! May He keep you empowered to do His works.

    God Bless

    Peter & Cheryl

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