Help Us End Child Sex Slavery

In our last post we introduced Love 146 and their vision to end Child Sex Slavery. Now, we’re giving you a video that makes it a little more personal. These huge statistics are made up of individuals, little girls and boys with names, hopes, fears, and dreams.

Don’t watch this video if you don’t want to be moved.


Join Dribble the World in supporting Ashley Ten Kate as she dribbles all 13.1 miles of the New York City Half Marathon with a basketball. How can you do that?

1. Forward these posts everywhere. Let’s let thousands of people know about a girl dribbling 13.1 miles in one of the biggest cities in the world to rescue girls and boys from prostitution. Tell people! It’s free to do, yet can help raise so much money for rescuing these children.

2. Encourage Ashley on this race! Email her at

3. Come to her race! We want to get 50 people to come into Central Park to cheer Ashley on and hand out Dribble the World postcards. Interested? Email Occh (

4. Donate to Ball for Lives to stop child prostitution. All donations will be split between Bethesda Outreach and Love 146. To donate by credit card, click on the donate button on the upper right side of this website. Checks can be made out to Ball for Lives mailed to:

Ball for Lives
395 Park Avenue
Fairview, NJ 07022

(Please write Ashley Ten Kate in the memo line. Ball for Lives is a pending 501(c)3 organization. When we are approved by the IRS, your donation will become tax-deductible.)

Four tangible ways for you to get involved in stopping child sex slavery.

We’re going for it-You in?

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  1. avatar Wendy Fowler Says:

    Go Ashley! Ten more days! Here’s a link to the map if anyone doubts what a challenge this will be:
    Good luck!

  2. avatar MarieHelene Cote Says:

    Ash… What you’re doing is so amazing. I’m glad I had the chance to met someone with such a big heart, someone full of hope and ambitions… It’s fabulous to see how God acted in your life, from meeting Occh to dribbling this half-marathon. For sure, I’ll pray for you. You’re gonna be great!
    Je t’aime!

  3. avatar Marisa Boily Says:

    hi Ash
    I really love what you are doing for these kids when you are going to dribble the half-marathon. I will pray for you and for the children.
    love ya XD

  4. avatar Claudia Duquette Says:

    Hey Ashley!
    Waow ! The big day is coming and i’m sure you’ll be ready for it. Keep your eyes up and remember why you are training since june. It’s so touching to see what God does through you guys with Ball for Lives project.
    I’ll pray for you and will be in mind with you.
    I miss you already!

    Claudia xx

  5. avatar Romy Says:

    Hey Ashley,
    I’m one of Mr. O’s tennis players and I heard about you through him. I really think that what you are doing is amazing and I can tell you’re a great girl with a big heart. God bless you and I hope i can meet you someday,

  6. avatar occh Says:

    Thanks Romy!! Keep sending these Love146 videos everywhere-let’s get all the rest of the girls on the tennis team making this huge!

  7. avatar ash Says:

    hey girls!
    thank you SO MUCH for your encouragment and prayers! i defintely appreciate them!! today was AMAZING and i’ll make sure that details about today are up on the site soon!

    can’t wait to meet you either Romy!

  8. avatar » Blog Archive » The Next Step against Child Sex Slavery Says:

    […] Love146-Imagine […]

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