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We are continually amazed by the people the Lord puts in our DTW family and how He uses events, moments, and interactions that we know changed our lives to change others as well, sometimes without us even realizing it. A young man who visited New Jersey with his youth group from North Carolina, met Occh, heard his testimony, and now, several years later, he has decided to dribble a Half Marathon!! Spencer Leeds will dribble the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon for Compassion International. Read about Spencer’s decision to dribble this race:

Hey, my name is Spencer Leeds and I am planning to run in the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon on April 1, 2012. That is one thing I never thought I would say, but there is more. I am running the race while dribbling a basketball. Let me tell you why real quick. Recently my dad started running, alot. It really impressed me, and when I heard he did well in a half marathon I started to get the desire to run with him. After one run with him I needed something to take mind off the pain! So I grabbed a basketball and then it hit me. I remember doing missions work with a guy up in New Jersey named Occhi. He started an organization called Dribble the World after getting some recognition from running in a big race in New York with a basketball. He didn’t do it though just for fun, he did it to Raise Awareness for a cause that he was passionate about. I loved that idea when I first heard it, and it took picking up a basketball and running for fun to realize that I still loved the idea! Every day I run around my school’s campus, Liberty University, to prepare for my race, I bring a basketball with me. That both helps me to remember why I am doing this, but also to raise awareness for the cause that I have chosen to those who ask me.
The Cause that I have chosen to support is Compassion International. This organization uses forms of support such as financial, prayer, and love to support children in need all around the world though local churches. I can’t fully express how amazing it has been to support a kid named Trevor Ojanga in Uganda, Africa with my sister. We get monthly letters from the Pastor of Trevor’s church with recent news about Trevor and recent drawings that are so cute. I love that there is a way to support a kid on the other side of the world in such a way. So that is why I am running, to Raise Awareness for Compassion International. If I could get just one person to realize that they could also support a child then I will have considered this mission a success. Please pray for me as I continue to train for the race, and also support Compassion International in any way you can, whether with your prayers, financially, or like I am by Raising Awareness. Thanks!

Please pray for Spencer as he trains for this race while continuing his studies. Please pray for Compassion and all the work they are doing for children around the world. Please consider sponsoring a child through Compassion or making a donation to this cause in honor of Spencer’s race.

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  1. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Hey Spencer,

    in all ways let’s glorify Him! We pray that all blessings will come rom your efforts, that questions will be asked and hearts be opened.

    God Bless you

    Peter & Cheryl

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