A Broad Street “Opportunity”

A good friend of Ball for Lives, Kellyn Lovell, is dribbling The Blue Cross Broad Street Run in Philadelphia this Sunday for the 2nd time.

According to Kellyn, this race is the Lord providing her with an “opportunity”. In her own words, she says “Initially, I saw Broad Street as my opportunity to get back into competitive running after having major hip surgery a year ago (which it still will be). But how blessed am I to have the opportunity to run for more than a PR or a finisher’s medal. The opportunity to proclaim Christ with my life and raise funds and awareness for a cause so dear to my heart is one that I’m just so thankful for!”

Below is a message from Kellyn regarding this race and her desire to raise awareness and funds for the children of Haiti. Please pray for her as she dribbles this race Sunday and plans to visit Haiti in the very near future.

Dear friends,
If you know me at all, you probably know the two things that rank quite high on my list of life passions. One is the country of Haiti and its wonderful people; another is the sport of running. God has again orchestrated the events of my life to allow those two passions to meet and I am super excited to share this opportunity with all of you.

On May 6th, 2012, I have to opportunity to partner with my friends at Dribble The World and run Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run. The race itself isn’t that big of a deal, as there will be another 30,000+ runners that day. However, I plan on running all 10 miles with a basketball. Some of you may remember me sharing a similar opportunity with you in 2010 – how blessed I am to have this opportunity before me again this year!

The most common question I’m asked when I mention dribbling Broad Street is ‘why?’ I asked myself the same question as I thought through this opportunity and I’ve identified three main reasons:

1) This opportunity gives me a unique platform upon which I am able to raise a public awareness of the severity of global poverty in general, and specifically as it relates to Haiti,
2) Partnering with Dribble The World allows me to use a tool like this race to raise needed funds for a project in Haiti that is extremely close to my heart. I’m traveling to Haiti just two weeks after the Broad Street Run to work with the children of On the Rock Orphanage in Ouanaminthe. Any funds raised as a result of this run will go directly to the development of the orphanage and meeting the daily needs of its children,
3) God has gifted me with certain abilities and passions and I would be lax in failing to use them for His glory. Obviously, dribbling a basketball is unusual, and sure to spark a great deal of conversation. What an opportunity to point to Christ and publicly acknowledge His work in my life.

For me, the question is no longer ‘why,’ but ‘why not’? If I can use running to help the people I love so much in Haiti, I simply cannot pass that up.

So, I write to all of you today not only to share what God is doing in my life, but to invite you to be a part of the adventure! God is using me in this one, simple way. I wonder, how might He use you? Here are a few ways you can get involved:

1) Pray!
– That I won’t miss opportunities to share Christ for this event. It’s really easy for me to focus on the fundraising or just the race itself and fail to give God the credit for putting me in this situation in the first place.
– That fundraising goals are met (more information on that below).
– For the trip to Haiti at the end of the month to distribute the funds raised and minister to the people there.
– Good weather on race day (superficial, I know, but I’d appreciate it, nonetheless).
2) Give!
Over the course of 10 miles, I’ll dribble the basketball approximately 5,000 times. The goal that I’ve set with Dribble The World is one dollar per dribble. $5000 is ambitious, I know, but I serve a big God and I believe that he can use something as silly as dribbling to accomplish His purposes. Additionally, if you know of businesses, organizations, or individuals who would be interested in sponsoring one or more dribbles, please send them my way!
3) Come!
If you’re anywhere near the Greater Philadelphia area on May 6th, come down to Broad Street and cheer me on! I’ll be the one with the basketball

If you’ve read all the way to the end of this message, I’m both humbled and impressed! Thanks for letting me share what God is doing in my life. If you want to know more, feel free to message, call, text, or catch up in person – I’d love to hear from you.

By His Grace,

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  1. avatar Ledia Says:

    May God BLESS you in even greater measures for your heart over His children in Haiti..
    I was so very encouraged and blessed reading your testimony today, which He spoke SO MUCH to my heart through..particuarly in saying ‘WHY NOT?’ Thank you so much for sharing this GREAT testimony of love and faith with us…
    We’ll certainly be praying you have GREAT run in Philly, and safe trip out to Haiti…
    with MUCH of His love,

  2. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Hi Kellyn,

    I hope it went well. We do serve a big God and He could help us to carry through on these opportunities to accomplish His work. God Bless you and the work in Haiti and wherever else He carries you.

    Peter & Cheryl

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