Dribbling in Germany!!

On June 17th, Rob Stearns will participate in a triathlon in Germany, dribbling the running portion!!!! He is doing this to raise awareness for LOVE 146, an organization that Dribble the World has worked with in the past, whose vision is to abolish child sex slavery and exploitation through prevention and aftercare. Please pray for Rob as he prepares for this day that the Lord gives him the strength to complete this tasks and that others are moved to take action against the exploitation of child around the world.

Please be encouraged by Rob’s desire to run not for himself, but for these children:

Well, doing a triathlon has always been something I’ve wanted to do. And I’ve always been in decent shape because of basketball. So it’s not like it was a huge physical challenge. For me, the challenge is all in my heart.

I’m not running for me. I’m running (and swimming and cycling) so people will be reminded of child sex slavery…and hopefully repulsed…and ultimately moved to do something. But it’s more than just running…it’s the actual training that’s difficult sometimes. It’s the calling the press or writing emails to people or making posts on Facebook when I just don’t have time or I don’t feel like it or I’m just tired.

I have to keep reminding myself…you’re training so you don’t look like an idiot out there so that people will actually talk to you about what you’re doing, so quit being lazy and get up early!…you’re calling your press contacts because people need to know what you’re doing, so make that stupid phone call!…you need to post on fb (even though you hate Facebook) so people will be aware, so surfing the net and make a post.

All the reasons I can find to not do something come down to one thing. The selfishness in my heart. I’m not running this triathlon for me. And I need to remember that…constantly. I’m running to hopefully raise awareness and money for Love 146. And the only way to do that is to actually be ready and to get the word out. To make sure my selfish desires don’t take over.

Thanks Rob for working through the tiredness and distractions to care for these children who the Lord loves so much!


P.S. Also, check out some press that Rob received when he completed a 10K in May.  FYI – it’s in German:


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  1. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Thank God for that he helps us with the annoyances and sacrificies that we sopmetimes have to make. It is worth it in the end and we thank Him for the privelege of serving Him. God bless your efforts, Rob abd Ball for Lives!!

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