26 Miles for Second Mile Haiti

Matt McCarty is Dribbling the Empire State Marathon in Syracuse, NY for Second Mile Haiti on October 21st!

 My name is Matt McCarty, and I poop in clean water.

If you’re reading this, odds are you do too.  Outwardly trivial facts like this one have recently been grabbing my attention.  When billions of people around the world live on less than two dollars a day, struggling to get basic care or drink clean water on a daily basis, it’s weird to think just how good I have it here in America.  God is constantly reminding me of this, and I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

This summer I had the privilege to visit Second Mile Haiti in the northern city of Cap Haitien, Haiti.  It was so refreshing to see this organization, started by two young women from the States, serving the people of Haiti and giving glory to God.  I’ve witnessed the great things going on there firsthand.  Visiting them really put things into perspective.  They run a medical clinic to provide aid to the local families.  In a poor country where families are being torn apart every day, Second Mile is fighting to keep families together!  They are building “mom and baby homes”, where moms with sick children can come stay and learn how to properly take care of their kids.  While staying at Second Mile, mothers will go through a small business and life skills course, where they will learn micro-business skills and receive Biblical edification.  Second Mile has drilled a community water well and has plans to install a system that will provide purified drinking water to the entire surrounding village.  They also have plans to build a community center close to the health and education facility.

Matt working with youth during his time with Second Mile Haiti

There are a lot of amazing things going on at Second Mile.  But, they’re a small organization that’s less than a year old.  The good news is we serve a big God.  A God who is sovereign over all.  Second Mile Haiti is grounded in this truth, and I think we should help them out.  As I mentioned, Second Mile is in the process of building the “mom and baby homes” as I write and you read this.  They employ local contractors and workers from the community through these projects as well.  Second Mile’s biggest need, however, is the funds to be able to continue building.Knowing about Dribble the World through my good friend Dan Occhiogrosso, I’ve decided to partner with them to raise money for Second Mile Haiti.  On October 21st, I will dribble the Empire State Marathon in Syracuse, NY with a basketball to raise support and awareness for Second Mile.  I’m writing this to ask you to prayerfully consider joining me in this.  My goal with this fundraiser is to raise $5,000 – all of which will go directly towards the continued construction of these mom and baby homes.  And the great reality is, these buildings being constructed is not the only reason to get excited.  What’s exciting is the amazing, life-changing, gospel-centered care that will be provided in these buildings once they are completed.  Now that gets me excited!

I’m not much of a runner.  I’m not much of a dribbler.  But if we can raise money together to help a great organization empower the people of Haiti and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to those that need it, well, sign me up.  If you would like to contribute and sponsor me in my run, you can do so right on the Second Mile Haiti website by clicking here: Second Mile Haiti Donation Page.

Please put the keyword “dribble” in the comments section so we know you are contributing to this fundraiser!  Also, be sure to check out “Second Mile Ministries” on facebook!  They update their facebook page with photos and posts almost daily.  Second Mile Ministries is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization.  If you have any questions or would like to donate by check, please email me at matthew.mccarty@my.bbc.edu and I will get you the info!

Thanks for reading this; please pray that we will be cognizant of God’s will during this time.  Thank you to Dribble the World for this opportunity.  All glory to God!

In Christ,

Matt McCarty

Matt with the Founders of Second Mile Haiti

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  1. avatar occh Says:

    McCarty you the man!! Thank you so much for your heart that never left Haiti. So many people go on trips like yours but never get involved again. Thank you for being an awesome example to all of us!

  2. avatar Debby Syres Says:

    Matt. I am so impressed by you and what you are doing. Your selfless heart for the poor and what you have done so far in your young life really touches me. I loved reading your post on Second Mile Ministry and the article in the Gazette more than once. Christ is glorified in your life.

  3. avatar Janice Says:

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