How You Can Offer Hope to New York

I will be upfront and let you know that this is a long post with some very powerful opportunities to change lives in New York City.

As I type this from my home in New Jersey, my heart is heavy for those who are suffering around me. Yesterday I volunteered in Staten Island where houses were completely ruined from the ocean rising 25 feet above normal. I talked to a man who nearly drowned in his one story house. Right now it is snowing hard, and people throughout the greater New York City area are still without power, heat, and hot water. A lot of people.

On Sunday, the New York City Marathon was cancelled because of the devastation Hurricane Sandy has caused. Dribble the World was ready to attempt our 6th straight New York City Marathon with our runner, Andres Moubayed. Andres is a former student of mine who called me up late one night a few weeks ago to tell me that he wanted to give his life to Jesus Christ after reading the gospel of John. Andres was all set to dribble this year’s marathon for a powerful organization, Hope for New York.

Hope for New York is a ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan (Pastor Tim Keller). They help “the poor and the marginalized” throughout New York City by helping churches and organizations with finances and volunteers. I have had several friends, disconnected to each other, tell me how wonderful this organization is. Hope for New York is now donating funds and mobilizing volunteers to help those afflicted by the hurricane. However, their work in New York City will  last way past the effects of this storm. They are committed long term to helping people who are helping those in need in New York City.

With the Marathon cancelled, Andres decided to do his own 26.2 Mile run in New Jersey. Because of injury and other factors, Andres decided to stop after 20 Miles. I assured him that the distance was not important, but rather his heart towards God. Throughout his training Andres told me over and over how badly he wanted to help Hope for New York help more people, even before we knew about Hurricane Sandy.

I am inviting you to get behind Andres, and help those who are suffering from Sandy in New York City, in one of 3 ways:

1. Be one of 26 people to commit to pray for the rest of November for those suffering from this storm and that God would use Hope for New York greatly to reach these people with His love (of course you can continue to pray this way for as long as you’d like!). You will also be committing to pray for Andres in his young faith, and you will have the opportunity to email Andres a prayer that you will write for him.

2. Be one of 26 people to give your time to help the poor of New York City. Hope for New York has many volunteer opportunities to choose from, and they are now reaching out to New Jersey because of Hurricane Sandy. I will commit to help you get connected with a volunteer project if you have trouble finding one that’s right for you. Group projects are also available. After being in Staten Island, believe me, there will be much work to be done for a while. When you volunteer, you can make a short video thank you to Andres. Hope for New York’s Hurricane Sandy volunteer opportunities  are listed here, including an email update list you can sign up for (but feel free to volunteer for any of their projects!): 

3. Be one of 26 people to donate to Hope for New York. You can donate online to Ball for Lives on the right side of this webpage, or you can mail us a check made out to Ball for Lives or Hope for New York. I would like to personally deliver all the money to Hope for New York and make a short video thank you to Andres for his efforts. Checks can be mailed to Ball for Lives, 395 Park Ave, Fairview, NJ 07022. Along with your check you can include a letter of encouragement for Andres.


I believe that 26 people, in each of these 3 areas, can make a huge difference in the lives of people who have lost so much, and in the life of one young man who wants to follow God. Please contact me if you plan to get involved.

Just want to offer hope.


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