Second Race for Compassion

Spencer Leeds, a student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, dribbled his second race through to raise awareness for COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL.  Here is what Spencer had to say about his second race:

“This was my second time partnering with Dribble the World in a long distance run, and it was just as awesome as the first time. I ran to raise awareness for Compassion International once again. After my first run I learned that there are a lot more people than I thought who have not heard of the impact that Compassion has on thousands of kids and their families around the world. I hope to one day raise support for Compassion through participation with Dribble the World. I think I will always enjoy running these kind of races with a basketball the rest of my life. It just makes running enjoyable for me. This past race was a ten-miler in Charlottesville, Virginia. When I learned that there was a high chance of rain on the date of the race, I was so worried. Even while training I avoiding running on days that the weather was not good, and the combination of storms and rain did not sound like fun. Worst-case scenario I was planning on running while carrying my basketball, but the weather ended up being better than I thought. The morning of the race I might have slept in a little and caused my partner (Coach Aimee Lind) and I to reach the starting line fifteen minutes late after racing an hour from a nearby city. It was still raining and literally no one was at the starting line, but my partner and I frantically jumped out of the car and began what we hoped was the course. After skipping all pre-race rituals and running for a good mile we finally caught up with the last place runner. The rain then slowly died off and the weather ended up being perfect for a run. I thought my desire to raise awareness by dribbling a basketball was over because we were so far behind, but I think being so far behind had the opposite effect. After passing the last place runner we continued to pass hundreds of runners throughout the race. Out of a race with 1,793 people, my partner and I finished in 303rd place. That means we pasted at least 1,490 people as well as that many spectators along the way. I can’t even count how many people repeated “” when they saw the back of my shirt as I weaved in and out of people going at a slower pace. Many also asked me what exactly I was doing, and I was able to explain further about Dribble the World and Compassion International. With extra encouragement from my partner and those on the sideline who noticed me dribbling a basketball, so much encouragement that my partner began to get jealous, I finished under one hour and twenty minutes with a pace of 7’58 a mile. Although there was not as much of a media response as my last run, I felt that the response from fellow runners was much more effective. I had many people tell me that they would check out Compassion International as well as Dribble the World. I see this run as a success because I reached my time goal, I enjoyed it, and I was able to raise awareness for a cause that I believe in. As always, I would recommend Dribble the World to anybody who loves running and loves basketball. It will always amaze me how God can use us in such creative ways, even dribbling a basketball in a race.”

Thank you, Spencer, for loving those children who Compassion International helps.  Children that are often forgotten by the world, but who the Lord still takes care of.

If you interested in learning more about Compassion and how they are spreading God’s love throughout the world and reaching those in need, check out their website Compassion International.

God Bless!

-whitney mohr

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