Helping Kids Get to Camp Brochet

Ever since I heard Occhi talk about “Dribble The World” a couple years back, I knew I wanted to get involved. However, Occhi wisely suggested I wait until my basketball days are over to think about running long distance. Now that I no longer play basketball, the time has come. I will dribble the Quebec City Half Marathon to raise money for my favorite place: Camp Brochet. This basketball camp is located 30 minutes north of Chicoutimi, Québec. I’ve attended this basketball camp 7 times; 4 times as a player, 3 times as a coach. During the week at Camp Brochet, you not only meet incredible people, learn the fundamentals of the game of basketball, but you also hear about the most important message on this planet: Salvation through Jesus Christ. I wish to raise money to help kids pay for the registration fee for camp and also help pay for transportation, because some kids want to come, but they live 6-7-8 hours away.

At Camp Brochet, I’ve met some amazing people and developed some awesome friendships. This camp has also allowed me to get in contact with Baptist Bible College, PA, for which I attended last year and played basketball for them.

By going to this camp, the kids will not only get an introduction of what the Gospel is, but they will have a chance to discuss any topic, related to the Gospel or not, with counsellors, coaches and the rest of the staff.

Please join me and pray for this camp, because it’s a great place that combines the game I love, basketball, and the message of Christ.

For more information on the ½ marathon, the camp, or anything else, you may contact me by email at

-Caleb Pagé

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  1. avatar Claudia Duquette Says:

    Wow ! Quelle bonne idée!
    Compte sur nous !

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