First Experience!’s good friend, Caleb, dribbled the Québec City Half-Marathon this past summer.  We’ve asked him to share about his experience:

photoOn August 25, 2013, I dribbled my first race for I really enjoyed my experience. From the three weeks of training, to the competition with a friend of mine (Étienne Proulx) about who would do it the half-marathon faster, to the actual event itself, everything went great!

I dribbled the Québec City Half-Marathon to raise money to provide transportation and discounts to kids from the Sherbrooke area for the basketball camp at Camp Brochet (about 7 hour drive from Sherbrooke to camp). My home Church, friends and family were very happy to support this project. I raised $1400 for the event. My parents volunteered to be the drivers and some friends of mine offered to lend us their mini-van. Those two things right there saved me about $800. In total, it cost around $300 for the transportation and I spent $500 on discounts for the kids. Which means that I have around $600 left for next year.

In total, 4 kids came to camp thanks to the donations I received for the race. All of them want to return next summer and want to bring other kids from their respective basketball teams. Next year, we are looking at possibly 2 vehicles and maybe even double digit kids from the Sherbrooke area.

Now for the race itself….I was told to wait for the other runners to go before I started running. That way there is less traffic and it is safer for me to dribble. The only thing is that I didn’t know how long I should wait. Just under 9 minutes after the start, I felt that the other runners had a big enough lead and that the runners would start spreading out and that there would be room for me to dribble without too much trouble. I was wrong. For the first 9km (5.6 miles), I would dribble from 1 sidewalk to the other. Zig zagging through, around, in between several hundred people. This was frustrating both physically and mentally. By the time I reached the half-way point, I had run between 2-3 extra kilometers (1.2-1.8 miles). On the flip side, people were very impressed, and most of them loved the distraction of having someone dribble close to them. The other runners would make jokes like “Where is the basket?” “How many points for the lay-up at the end of the race?” Some would even use me as motivation as I would pass them up.DSC08341

Even though I ran the extra distance, because of all the zig-zagging, I finished the half-marathon in a respectable 1:41. I started last and finished about 500th, which means over 4500 runners saw me pass them up and they were able to see the Dribble The World t-shirt with “Camp Brochet” written in big letters at the bottom of it.

There was a radio station in the cool down area after the race. When I walked by, they started asking me questions about why I had a basketball, what is Dribble The World, what is Camp Brochet, and many more questions.

I plan to dribble it again next summer. Right now, I’m brainstorming ideas of something new I could do, that would attract peoples attention even more. I’m not sure my knees could support a full marathon, so I’m thinking of things I could do to challenge myself for the half-marathon.

Big thanks to everybody who was a part of this project: People who prayed, who supported financially, involved at camp, helped out at the race, took pictures.

– Caleb

P.S. Étienne Proulx finished the race in 1:43.

If you or someone you know is interested in dribbling a race for, please contact

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