Well, she did it! On an EXTREMELY hot and humid day, Ashley Ten Kate finished the 2009 NYC Half Marathon in 2:42:51, becoming the first female to dribble a race for Ball for Lives. No more excuses for you ladies out there–let’s get some more girls dribbling races! 16 of us went in with incredibly bright green shirts (made by our own Danny Mundo) to cheer her on. Check out the post-race celebration video-it’s a good one :)

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If you haven’t been following this journey, Ashely chose to dribble this race to rescue girls from child prostitution. Check out our last 3 posts to get involved.

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  1. avatar occh Says:

    Thank you to all of you who came! It was an awesome picture of what the Church of Jesus Christ is all about. Amazing editing Huff!

  2. avatar Claudia Duquette Says:

    YOU are AMazing! I can’t wait for Mickael and Eric to do it in Quebec. You are an encouragement for them.

    Bravo !

    Claudia xx

  3. avatar Karla Ochoa Says:

    I am so proud of all of you guys! You did an amazing job and I love those t-shirts!
    Keep the good work!
    Karla Ochoa

  4. avatar occh Says:

    Karla!! Thanks for the comment! Miss the City yet? :) Let me know if that school connection in Harlem ever works out. Talk to you soon!

  5. avatar occh Says:

    Claudia!! Can’t wait to see you guys in NYC on November 1st! I mailed your t-shirts today for the Quebec City Half. Tell Mickael he’s the man!

  6. avatar ash Says:

    Claudia, I can’t wait to see you guys in November! It’s going to be “amazing!” I’m praying for Mic and Eric and their training =] I love you guys!!

  7. avatar Morgan Says:

    Thank you for inviting others to be part of what you guys are doing! It is awesome that because of Ashley racing, at least one girl will be spared from slavery. One girl will be given a chance not just to be alive, but to live. You guys are doing a wonderful thing! It is beautiful to see people showing God’s love to others and inviting people to join you, just like God invites us to join him in providing justice.

    God bless you all! I look forward to reading about more races :)

  8. avatar Mundo! Says:

    Great day that was. Many more to come. Congrats once again Ash, you did it!

  9. avatar Dave Hobbs Says:

    My family and I pray for you all regularly.

  10. avatar Jim King Says:


    Fantastic! You are Woman!!


  11. avatar ash Says:

    Thanks everyone for all of your encouragement! You guys are the best! =D

  12. avatar Running in the Shadow of 9/11 @Her.meneutics « Exploring Intersections Says:

    […] how could I quit with Dribble the World runner Ashley Ten Kate bouncing her basketball a few strides ahead of me for 13.1 miles! According to its website, Dribble […]

  13. avatar Jose Grullon Says:

    what is the date for the next half-marathon? if my schedule permits I will be honored to run for everyone

  14. avatar Jose Grullon Says:

    what is the date for the next half-marathon? if my schedule permits I will be honored to run for all the great causes

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