Dribble the World Goes International!

I knew it was going to happen eventually, but this seriously came out of nowhere! Earlier this month Ball for Lives helped put on a camp in Chicoutimi, Quebec (Canada!). I have helped out at Camp Brochet for the last 9 years and have developed some awesome relationships with some amazing people.Two of these friends are Eric Martin and Micael Carbonneau.  Eric approached me at camp and said “Do you think I could run a half marathon in 3 weeks?” The Quebec City Half Marathon is on August 30th, and Eric and Micael wanted to dribble it to continue to raise funds and awareness to stop child sex trafficking.

For most people, 3 weeks of training is nowhere near enough to run (never mind dribble) a half marathon. But if you know Eric and Micael, you know their pretty good athletes with a HUGE hearts. They genuinely love God and people.

That next Monday morning Eric watched the second Love146 video we put out. He went right out and ran 5 miles, and told me he and Micael were definitely in. This is what he said:

“I had a choice whether to run that morning or not. These girls have no choice of whether they are sexually abused or not. I had to do it.”

And so, DribbletheWorld.com goes international!

Ready to get invovled?? God placed Eric and Micael in my life knowing they would dribble this race. He had you find out about this too. We’re making the entire month of August about helping end child sex trafficking-Join us.

3 Goals We Need YOU to Accomplish

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  1. avatar Judy Moore Says:

    This is a movement well worth supporting. And we are very proud of our son-in-law Eric! Blessings on you all.
    Judy Moore, Belgium

  2. avatar Micaël & Éric Says:

    Éric and I finished the half-marathon in 1h52!
    It’s awesome!
    Thanks God

  3. avatar David & Manon Martin Says:

    We’re proud of you, son. Keep up the good work for God’s glory.

    Your parents

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