The Next Step against Child Sex Slavery

Ashley started it with the NYC Half Marathon on August 16th. Now Eric and Micael are taking it to the next level. Another city, another country, another language (People in Quebec speak primarily French!). The Spirit of God is taking this movement beyond what any of us can understand. What an awesome opportunity to spread our effort throughout North America to rescue girls from sex slavery!

We’ve focused heavily on helping Love146 and the awesome work they do to rescue girls in Southeast Asia. However, Ball for Lives focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa and rescuing orphans. All donations this month are being split between Love146 and Bethesda Outreach. Check out what Bethesda is rescuing kids from in South Africa AND exactly how you can be involved:

Help us reach our 3 goals by September 6th, one week after the Quebec City Half Marathon:

1. Every 17 seconds a woman is raped in South Africa (U.S. statistic? every 2 minutes a woman is sexually assaulted).

We want to see 170 new emails added to our Ball for Lives mailing list. The more people that know about what we’re doing, the more that can get involved! The sign up form is at the top right hand corner of (if you have trouble with the form, just email me the

2. Every year, approximately 1000 women and girls are trafficked from Mozambique to South Africa as prostitutes.

We want to have 1000 more views on our three videos dealing with child sex trafficking. Spread these videos everywhere!

History of Love146


3. There are about 40,000 child prostitutes in South Africa.

We want to see 40 new donations come in. We don’t have a monetary goal, but a person goal. We want to see more people involved, more people take action. Remember our donation goals: the three lowest are $12, $7, and $2-everyone can get involved-use our Education through Donation video.

We’ve already had 16 people give for a total of over $800, and is getting more hits than ever–Thanks guys! YOU are making this happen.

These statistics break the heart of God-let’s be used of Him to take this effort to the next level.

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    […] Ready to get invovled?? We’re making the entire month of August about helping end child sex trafficking-Join us. […]

  2. avatar Roger Cryan Says:

    So troubling to read the statistics. Even more troubling to see the broken lives first hand as we travel to the townships here in South Africa.
    In contrast it is a joy to see the happy faces of the children at Bethesda Village that have been rescued, by God’s grace and by the help of so many of His people.
    Glad to be serving with you all.

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    […] one more week to accomplish our goals! If Eric and Micael dribbling 13.1 miles inspires you to act, then click here to help us accomplish our 3 goals by next Sunday, September 6th! Your actions will help save the hearts of young girls from the […]

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