Quebec City Conquered!

Eric and Micael finish the 2009 Quebec City Marathon!

Eric and Micael finish the 2009 Quebec City Marathon!

Eric Martin and Micael Carbonneau became the first international runners for as they dribbled the 2009 Quebec City Half Marathon! Even more impressive was their time: 1 hour 52 minutes! With the determination these two men have to honor God by rescuing girls from child sex slavery, I knew this race would be amazing. Look for pictures and video during the week. Their race concluded our focus (but not our involvement) on abolishing child sex slavery-we got one more week to accomplish our goals! If Eric and Micael dribbling 13.1 miles inspires you to act, then click here to help us accomplish our 3 goals by next Sunday, September 6th! Your actions will help save the hearts of young girls from the horrors of sex slavery.


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  1. avatar occh Says:

    Great Job Eric and Micael!!! You guys are amazing! God used you today to spread light to so many people. I see Jesus in both of you!

  2. avatar Judy Moore Says:

    Congratulations Eric and Micael! We are proud of you both!

    James and Judy Moore

  3. avatar Famille Larose-Tarabulsy Says:

    C’est beau les gars!


  4. avatar Serge Lemée Says:

    Fantastique les gars. Vous êtes un modèle pour nos jeunes et votre effort aura un impact jusque dand l’éternité./ Fantastic quys. You are a model for our young people and your effort will have an impact into eternity.

  5. avatar Mundo! Says:

    congrats guys, and with great time. amazing! god bless and once more, great job!

  6. avatar Chantal Says:

    Congratulations to both of you guys!!! We are so proud of you!!It was great to follow you during that amazing experience!!! We had a lot of fun!! God bless you!!

  7. avatar Whitney Says:

    Great job guys! AMAZING! God bless you! Thank you so much for doing this.

  8. avatar Micaël & Éric Says:

    They were amazing and inspiring, I can tell you ! Congratulations !

  9. avatar Claudia Duquette Says:

    oups! The comment was from me!
    Claudia :)

  10. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Way to go guys! The Lord bless you all for your efforts. We can do all thibngs through Christ who gives us strength!


  11. avatar ash Says:

    great job eric and micael! you guys are amazing!

  12. avatar Simon gagné (flyer) Says:

    good job eric and micael!!

  13. avatar Ruthann Barci Says:

    Great Job Guys, May Many More Follow Your Dribbling Steps. God Bless!

  14. avatar edgar sanchez Says:

    woooooooooooooooooo :DD

    camp brochet =]

    eric and micael are the coolest guys and they did a such a great thing. now just waiting for eric come to new york

  15. avatar Laurie Plante Says:

    AMAZING GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW great great time! I am so proud of you two!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!
    How much did you end up raising for the half marathon?

  16. avatar Adrian Says:

    Praise God! What a blessing it is to see two young men, like yourselves, step up and do something of great significance. May this be the beginning of 2 lives full of great adventures running with God!

  17. avatar David & Julie Says:

    Hey! We didn’t forget you guys! We were just SO impressed and proud we needed time to get over the emotions and all… Congratulations to the best Dribbly-Dribblers in Quebec!

    Never stop dribbling!
    Never stop believing!

  18. avatar David & Julie Says:

    Hey! We didn’t forget you guys! We were just SO proud of you we needed time to recover from all the emotions! Congratulations to the two great Dribbly-Dribblers from Quebec!!!

    Never stop dribbling, never stop believing!

    Brother & Sister

  19. avatar Benny Says:

    Great job! congratz to both of you

  20. avatar S!MON Says:

    Congratulations guys! 1 hour 52 it’s very fast. I enjoy to see you at the marathon of New York.
    God bless you!


  21. avatar Eric's parents Says:

    We are proud of you two and we know you have a big heart for others. New York ? Why not ! Wish we could be there…
    Congratulations !

  22. avatar David & Manon Martin Says:

    We are so proud of you, son. We know you like the Lord and you have a big heart for the others. You did a great job within a good time too. Congratulations !
    And New York ??? Why not ! Go for it !
    Keep up the good work and training.

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