The Results are In!!

Eric Martin completes the 2009 Quebec City Half Marathon (Where'd the ball go??)

Eric Martin celebrates his first place finish of the 2009 Quebec City Half Marathon

 We live in a society that wants numerical results. We want to know what percent of people did what, and we measure the value of our work based on the numerical success. As a public school state test prep teacher, believe me, I know ALL about it!

Ashley Ten Kate destroys the competition at the 2009 NYC Half Marathon

Ashley "Paula" Ten Kate destroys the competition at the NYC Half Marathon

Even well intentioned Christians fall into the same trap. We want to know exactly how many people “got saved,” how many people attended a service, and how much money is in the budget. Too often God’s work is measured by these physical things.

Thankfully God measured things much differently. Numerical goals aren’t bad (we set them ourselves!), but they do not equal success. God knows the heart and judges our actions based on our motives. Do we love Him? Do we love people? Are we taking the love of Jesus out to a hurting world? Those are the goals that Ball for Lives is all about, whether it’s for 1 person or 100,000.

Through Ashley’s NYC Half Marathon and Eric and Michael’s Quebec City Half Marathon, we were able to send out two $612 checks: one to Love146, and one to Bethesda Outreach. That’s $1224 going to rescue kids from the horrors of child sex slavery. Thank you so much to all of you who gave. Together your donations are making an awesome difference. Praise God!

And so, we rejoice in the amount sent, but we put all our glory in the awesome work the Spirit of God did through this whole journey: the believers He inspired, the lost who came along with us and heard the gospel, the kids we know He will rescue, and most of all, the work He did in us the whole time.

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  1. avatar occh Says:

    I owe all of you a huge thank you! This is no longer my dream, it’s OUR dream. Thank you all for coming along with us on this journey. It’s been quite a ride!

  2. avatar occh Says:

    And sorry Ash, I couldn’t make that picture any bigger! I’ve been at this for over an hour!

  3. avatar Morgan Says:

    The pics look great ;)
    And that’s awesome about the numbers! You guys are great :)

  4. avatar ash Says:

    No problem Occh! Thank you for sharing your vision with all those you come in contact with. I’m so excited to see how the Lord will use BallForLives in the future!

  5. avatar Adrian Says:

    Amen!! I read a quote from a brother named C.T. Studd that made me think of you all. He said, “I belong to the ‘Big God Party’ and will have nothing to do with the ‘Little God Party’. God doesn’t want nibblers of the possible but, grabbers of the impossible.”
    Be Encouraged! Go for it!

  6. avatar Ruthann Barci Says:

    Great Work Dan, I pray for Gods continued blessings in your work for Him! I know you don’t get the glory, God does and that’s what matters! Praise The Lord and thank Him for His goodness to us! Nice work by Ashley also.

    God Bless, Ruth

  7. avatar Cynthia Zheng Says:

    GREAT JOB!!! Keep up the fantastic work..and keep on changing the world around us

  8. avatar esther rodriguez Says:

    Wow Eric looks so different in the pic! Lol

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