Fund the Effort to Save Sudan

20 dribblers, 20 runners, and at least 10 more people taking care of the details. Imagine 50 people really uniting to help stop the genocide in Darfur.

When a person puts their faith in Jesus, they enter a relationship not only with God, but also with all of His children. God doesn’t want one child, or group of His children, trying to do it all themselves. He’s most pleased when they come together to do His work on this earth as one body.

That’s why we are asking for $5 donations in honor of our 100 Mile Challenge. $5 isn’t much when compared to the situation in Darfur. Neither is a 5 mile run. But we believe that 50 people coming together for the 100 Mile Challenge can make an enormous difference.

Each of us wants to raise 20 separate $5 donations, for a total of $5000. Can you help us do that? Check out our last post, The 100 Mile Challenge, and keep checking to find out more about the organizations we’re supporting to help save lives in Sudan.

Ready to Donate? Here are 3 ways to do it:

1. PayPal-click on the PayPal Link on the top right hand corner of this page or click here. If donating $5, please add $0.45 to cover PayPal transaction costs (about the price of a stamp anyway right?)

2.Check-you can make checks out to Ball for Lives and mail to:

Ball for Lives: 395 Park Ave, Fairview, NJ 07022

3. Cash-If you know one of the participants personally, you can give them your donation. Also give them your address so we can send you a tax-deductible receipt.

Ball for Lives is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Join us in saving the people of Darfur.

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