More Than Bricks and Buildings

Here’s a quick preview of two more organizations that we’re looking to support through The 100 Mile Challenge: Global Response Network and Samaritan’s Purse.

Global Response Network and Samaritan’s Purse: The Persecuted Church

At times when we hear “the persecuted church” the first thought that comes into our mind is a “church” – bricks and buildings; but let us not be confused any longer. The persecuted church is so much more than church buildings being burned to the ground. It is about the ecclesia – the assembly – of men, women and children, who are suffering in war-torn countries and are losing their lives for the sake of the Gospel.

Global Response Network works with the persecuted church in countries like Sudan and Pakistan where they have been able to see the great risk it is to be a follower of Christ in a war-filled land. Through seeing the perseverance of Christians in Darfur, it has inspired the very people that created the GRN. Director Tom Zurowski says it like this:

“Through their scars, bruises and willingness to suffer for Christ’s namesake, they have inspired us to embrace a form of Christianity that goes beyond mere religious activity. The suffering church challenges us to not only live for Jesus, but to die for Him if necessary. They have shown us how to love, forgive and serve. They have taught us that loving God and loving people is what really makes a man rich.”

BallForLives is pleased to announce their affiliation with Global Response Network, and we are so thankful for getting in touch with them. They even posted the The 100 Mile Challenge on their blog and website-Read it here!

 Samaritan’s Purse desires to assist the persecuted church and rebuild churches that have been destroyed by the conflict in Sudan. They have been at work in Sudan since 1993, serving hundreds of thousands of people during the war. As the peace agreement was being finalized, Christian leaders in Sudan asked for help to rebuild church sanctuaries that were destroyed by the National Islamic Front, and to train pastors and evangelists to replace those who were martyred. Get involved with their 10 projects in Sudan and find out specific ways you can pray for the people of Darfur.

Please pray that individuals at Global Response Network and Samaritan’s Purse would continue to persevere through the struggles that are set before them as they desire to serve and seek the Lord.


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  1. avatar Morgan Says:

    Thanks Ash for keeping us updated and helping to make what we’re doing this for very real. We want to see God transform Sudan (the people and the place for his Glory.
    We have it pretty easy here, and being part of DW helps us remember God’s call to die to ourselves; to not just “be thankful for what we have,” but calling us to greater action and calling us to God himself.

    Thanks again!

  2. avatar Whitney Says:

    Great post, Ashley!

  3. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Thanks Ash, keep the info flowing so all will learn and understand!

    God Bless!

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