100 Mile Challenge Completed!

So where exactly did the 100 Mile Challenge take us?

To zoom in and out of the map and see it in different types of maps (like a satellite map!) click on this link:

The 100 Mile Challenge Course

(Sorry, miles 1-5 and 90-100 tend to over lap. Also, the course goes to almost 107 miles because the Staten Island Ferry and one section of Fort Lee we didn’t dribble were included. Don’t get too confused! Also, this is NOT the exact map we used for our mile markers. We used bikes with odometers to map out the entire course.)

A Picture of the Church

100 Miles completed. Did you look at that course??? How in the world did we finish that thing? How did we get everyone in the right position at the right time? Because Occh is amazing at details right? Wrong!! :)

Did everything go according to plan? Of course not! During the last week we lost 5 dribblers who were unable to participate. Twitter updates stopped in Brooklyn due to cell phone battery issues.  Imagine having to lead the last 25 miles of this with no cell phone to see where people are. Should have seen that one coming!

To our credit, we did begin at our anticipated 6:00 am start time. However, we finished at 11:30 pm! We also learned that 6:00 am and 11:30 pm are extremely cold times to be outside in the middle of October.

There are plenty of other mishaps I could mention that happened that day. So how did we pull it off?? When God puts a dream on your heart, He will provide the people to make it happen. The 100 Mile Challenge was an awesome picture of His Church. Each of us had our role, each of us did it well, and together we were used of God to accomplish something amazing for His kingdom. Ball for Lives began as the vision of one man. Look what it is today. Amazing!

So, in addition to all of our runners who particpated, special thanks goes to:

–Gian Paul, Dave, Bernie, and Ashely, who all dribbled 10 Miles each so we could finish our course!

–Danny Mundo who drove everywhere getting people where they needed to be (and brought me home!!)

–My sister Elyse who drove me to Staten Island and then brought my stuff to the ferry. Sorry for bad directions Elyse!!

–Morgan Cook, representing all those who prayed fervantly to our Father on our behalf. Thank you!

–Gaston Nunez and others who made sure runners were in their correct spots, especially in Manhattan.

–Jim McNamee, who biked at least 40 Miles of the 100 Mile Challenge so that runners knew their course.

–Whitney Rodgers and others who found time to take pictures amidst other responsibilites. Pictures are coming!

–Mrs. Ten Kate and Carly who came to cheer Ashley on and bring her home. After miles 5-10 at 10:00pm she wasn’t making it back on her own!

–And to my wonderful mother who brought food for everyone when it got late-Thanks Mom!!

To all of you who participated, prayed, or donated, thank you. Enjoy this wonderful accomplishment in the Lord.


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  1. avatar Morgan Says:

    I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be part of this big dream :) Dan, you remind me of Nehemiah. A man with a passion and vision from the Lord, who gets a bunch of folks together to pursue restoration and wholeness. Thanks for all your hard work and for choosing the Lord and the vision He gave you.
    Thanks also for the great map! I love maps and as a non-local is was fun to look at your route, that roosevelt island looks pretty tricky! Can’t wait for what comes next!

  2. avatar occh Says:

    Thanks Mo!! Your prayers made it happen. Let us know when we should buy our plane tickets for Orlando’s 100 Mile Challenge!

  3. avatar Dre Says:

    this was an absolutely awesome experience. i know that there were a lot of glitches that came along with this, but that is to be expected when doing something for the first time. i was very appreciative of being a part of it. all of my friends and family thought it was wonderful as well. i hope to be a part of it again next year. ooch, i hope you’re all recovered from a grueling weekend. and definitely much props to your mom for bringing food!!!!

  4. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    All for Him, by Him and through Him we can do all things! Well done to all who participated!!

    Peter & Cheryl

  5. avatar ash Says:

    occh, thank you so much for sharing your vision with us!! it’s a pleasure to serve with you and everyone else who was/is involved in this way.

    morgan, for real, thank you for your prayers! and whit, you were awesome girl!

    praise God for all of the people who were able to see such a beautiful display of the church in action. can’t wait for 11/1 baby.

  6. avatar Morgan Says:

    are you and whitney running a 10k on 11/1?

  7. avatar Karen Occh Says:

    We knew that the only way this could work was for God to take control – and He did! Thanks to each one who did their part, and worked together so well to meet the challenge!

  8. avatar Melissa Says:

    It was a blessing to have been involved in such an amazing event as the 100 mile challenge. It is because of prayer and hard work that i was able to participate in such an unforgettable event. The Lord is good..He has healed me and I will continue until I no longer can to run.. and through running continue to fight for those less fortunate. Praise his name!!!

  9. avatar Tracy Says:

    Keep up the great work that’s so badly needed. You guys are an inspiration!

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