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Here are the final two organizations that we are seeking to support through The 100 Mile Challenge. Like we’ve said before, equipping yourself with the facts show that you care about those who are struggling in Darfur.

 WorldVision and Bethesda Outreach: Humanitarian Work

WorldVision is well aware of the crisis throughout all of Sudan – including the lack of water. In southern Sudan, only 30% of rural citizens have access to safe drinking water. Tons of adults and children are dying from diarrhea and other water-related illnesses. Malaria, typhoid and dengue fever are running rampid throughout the country. Almost 350,000 people are living with HIV and AIDS – these are the people that we’re seeking to help.

Currently, WorldVision is making an effort in Sudan with the following projects:

  • The Darfur Clean Water Initiative: improves access to water in Darfur by drilling 50 wells.
  • The Yambio County Water and Environmental Sanitation Project: addresses the insufficient water supply in the Sakure and Li-rangu areas.
  • Quality Basic Education for War-Affected Children in South Darfur: improves the quality of education for school aged children (focusing on girls) in Darfur providing all neccessary clothing, tools and school supplies for the girls.
  • Child Friendly Spaces: provides safe locations for formal and informal educational opportunities for children.
  • Community Based Health Care: improves the community by having training programs focusing on reproductive health, nutrition, and relationships.

Bethesda Outreach’s mission is to encourage and assist local churches in meeting the needs of orphan children, that they may become disciples of Christ. They work in doing so in South Africa, where one in five people are infected by AIDS. Bethesda’s desire is that these children will be a part of families where they will learn more about Christ and encourage others to seek Him also.

  • 75% of all AIDS related deaths occur in Africa.
  • By 2010, there will be 42 million orphans in Africa, half due to AIDS.
  • Current like expectancy (at birth) is 51 years of age for a child born with the AIDS virus.

Our desire at Ball for Lives is to do our part to help these children and the people of Darfur! Our goal is to see Bethesda Outreaches spread throughout Africa, especially to countries like Sudan. We want you to join us in any way that you can – whether it be through prayer, dribbling a race, or through a monetary donation, we want you to be a part of what we’re doing to help.


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