DribbletheWorld’s Third Straight NYC Marathon!

DribbletheWorld’s goal of people all over the world dribbling races to rescue African orphans started with a crazy idea in Spring  of 2007: dribbling the New York City Marathon! (As you can tell, we like to start small and work our way up :))

Gian Paul Gonzalez took our dreams to a whole new level when he became our second runner to dribble 26.2 miles  in the 2008 NYC Marathon. Nate Logan took this incredible accomplishment to the other side of the east coast as he dribbled the Tampa Bay Marathon this past February. Now Eric Martin, all the way from Quebec City, Canada, is bringing us back to the five boroughs as he dribbles the 2009 New York City Marathon on November 1st.


Why has Eric joined our team?

I can tell you from knowing Eric Martin for years that he is a real man of God who loves people from deep within his heart. Eric’s heart was so moved by Ashley’s NYC Half Marathon effort against child sex slavery that he signed up to dribble the Quebec City half Marathon ONLY 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE RACE! (AND he finished in under 2 hours!)

Eric and Micael Complete the 2009 Quebec City Half Marathon

Eric and Micael Complete the 2009 Quebec City Half Marathon

Now, Eric wants to use this NYC Marathon effort to help stop the 3000 deaths that Malaria causes daily. Malaria is a preventable disease that we can absolutely stop from killing so many (we eliminated it from the US in 1951!)

Make sure you read our post on Malaria on BallforLives.com

Ready to act?? Here’s some simple things you can do right away:

1. Pray for Eric and encourage him on this journey: Believe me, it’s not always easy dribbling the NYC Marathon! Pray for him and leave an encouraging comment below this post.

2. Forward this story everywhere and let the world know about Eric’s NYC Marathon effort and Malaria No More, the organization we’re getting behind.

3. Purchase a Mosquito net to save a life from Malaria: Saving children from disease and death can be as simple as providing a net for them to sleep under. Every $10 makes, ships, and distributes a mosquito net! Donate Here, and mark your donation Eric’s NYC Marathon.

Finally, if you’re a Jersey/NYC local, join us at our

Ball for Lives Pancake Breakfast on October 31st!

Eric Martin is dribbling 26.2 miles through one of the biggest cities in the world to inspire thousands and save children from Malaria-Imagine what all of us together could accomplish!

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  1. avatar ash Says:

    guys, it’s been a pleasure coming along with you all in this journey! thank you for your awesome example of humbling yourself before the Lord – you’re all amazing!

    eric! i’m praying for you man! to God be the glory.

  2. avatar Micaël Says:

    Tu t’entraîne avec la puissance de Dieu.
    Quand tu vas courir, dis-toi que Il est et je serai avec toi. Imagine mes funny faces qui aspire un gel Fraise-Kiwi!!

    J’aurai bien aimé courir à tes côtés encore une fois, lâche pas… Que Dieu te bénisse!
    Fly NYC Fly!

  3. avatar Whitney Says:

    Eric- I know you will do a great job! Thank you so much for doing this. God bless you!!

  4. avatar Judy Moore Says:

    We are praying for strength and will be following the race on the net! We are very proud of our son-in-law Eric (and daughter Rachael)!!
    Have a safe trip to NYC. May God bless you all richly for your efforts on behalf of the least of these!

    Judy and Trip Moore

  5. avatar Morgan Says:

    I will of course be praying for you eric! If you could up and run a half marathon in such short notice, I am sure that you will do great in the full marathon! We will pray for God’s glory both here and in Africa and that you would have a sweet time with the Lord while training and dribbling :)

  6. avatar Josée et François Says:


    Quelle belle initiative. Quelle belle occasion de faire du bien aux autres, à ton âme et ton corps. Ceci avec une portée éternelle. Nous sommes avec toi de tout coeur et célébrerons lors de notre prochain repas ensemble.

    Josée et François xx

  7. avatar Whitney Says:

    Eric! I am praying for you and I am so glad you are doing this! I can’t wait to meet you! Thank you!!

  8. avatar Eric Martin Says:

    Hey !

    Thanks to everyone of you for this encouraging comments. Ash, we are excited to see you again. Thanks for your email. Thank you Judy (my mother in law), Whitney and Morgan for your prayers.

    Micael, grosse face. Je vais penser à toi. Les funny face…c’Est clair que les gels miel fraise kiwi vont être bons. J’aurais aimé que tu sois là c’Est certain. On se repredn à Québec. These french part is for Micael who ran the Quebec City half marathon with me. It was awesome.

    See you soon…

  9. avatar David & Manon Martin Says:

    Dear Eric, Isn’t it awesome that you’ve enjoyed training your body these last years ans playing basketball since High School, and now you’re going to go both but for a good cause ! To God be the glory and, of course, we are happy for you, son.
    Your proud parents.

  10. avatar David Trépanier & Julie Martin Says:


    As your close neighbors, we’ve noticed all your motivation, the hours of training and the energy set aside for such a good cause. We are very proud of you… and so is He! You’re an inspiration for a lot of people here in QC and it’s a blessing to be a part of your family. We’re all behind you big bro!

    David & Julie

  11. avatar Eric Martin Says:

    Merci Josée et François pour votre soutient. Ça approche à grand pas. On va s’en reparler c’est certain. La portée est éternelle, oui. Ça ouvre aussi mes yeux sur les réalités et les enjeux en Afrique. Je réalise l’importance de plusieurs choses comme la discipline dans toute les sphères pas juste le corps mais l’âme aussi. Ma motivation dépasse les limites de la forme et du bien-être si non, fidèle à moi-même j’aurais pas autant forcer vers l’Atteinte du but. Merci et à la prochaine.

  12. avatar Eric Martin Says:

    Thank you Julie and David for your comment. Thank you for being behind me, behind the project, and dribbletheworld…

  13. avatar Eric Martin Says:

    I want to thank Daniel Occhiogrosso because he had once an idea and since then he trusted the Lord and kept on “running the race” in so many ways to achieve many goals. By putting SO MUCH of his time in this, doing so many sacrifices, and be faithful to God, God made ballforlives and dribblethewolrd bigger and bigger and He made it happen and blessed us all through through Dan Occh !!!

  14. avatar occh Says:

    It would have remained an idea had God not brought people like you to be involved. All Thanks to Him!

  15. avatar Chantal Says:

    Epa Ricky Martin!!!

    I’m soooooo proud of you…wish to be there with you guys..but my heart will be. God bless you, have a great time in NY!

    Envoye le gros!! :):)

  16. avatar jose toribio Says:

    Good luck eric, I wish the best of luck. We all know you can do this and we’re all supporting on this. God bless you

  17. avatar gmmfcm Says:

    We all hope you have a great day!

  18. avatar Brooklynite Says:

    Eric – we saw you running today (at 10K marker) and you are an inspiration! Congrats and God Bless!

  19. avatar Shirin Green Says:

    I took a picture of one of you dribbling during the marathon over the Verrazano bridge! Let me know where to email it, please! Great cause. This is amazing!

  20. avatar Eric Martin Says:

    Hey !

    This message is for Shirin Green. You can send me the picture at emartin316@hotmail.com

    It’s gotta me on Verrazano Bridge. It is very kind from you to offer me the picture.

    PArt of it next year maybe…

    Eric Martin

  21. avatar Eric Martin Says:

    To all of you people ! Thank you very much for your support. It was a lot of fun to be able to participate to this event. I’m ready to drrible the world, if it’s possible. New York was awesome. Thank you Whitney for having us over at your place. Tnak you Occho to make all of this possible. Thank you Karen and John Occh for your support and hospitality.

    I’ve been blessed from the beginning to the end of the race, during the days in New York and during all the weeks of training. I is really tough on my legs usualy for the first 10 k or 6,5 miles and I didn’t start to fell pain before 32 k or about 20 miles. I felt like flying. God made me fly. Thank you for your prayers. Let’s focused now for the next dribbletheworld challenge. Our Lord makes it getting bigger.

    Talk to all of you soon. I wrote an email in french with photos, I’ll translate it as soon as possible so it can be on the website.


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