The End of Malaria

If you read our last post on Malaria, you saw how devastating the disease is, killing an African child every 30 seconds. Yet, you also read that we know exactly how to stop this disease (we eradicated it from the US over 50 years ago!). Now, it’s your turn to respond to this challenge and help us end Malaria deaths world wide.

End Malaria Deaths?? YES!! In fact, the organization we are supporting with Eric’s NYC Marathon dribble is called, MALARIA NO MORE and their goal is to end Malaria deaths by 2015.


I hope this helps you visualize just how far $10 goes to saving the lives of African families.   Malaria is spread by mosquitos, and a net can protect a child and its family as they sleep, the time when most malaria-spreading bites occur.

Imagine living in the year 2030 and reading back on a disease called Malaria that once killed 3000 kids a day. Then imagine reading about the heroes that stepped up to end the crisis.

I believe with all my heart that God wants His Church at the front lines of this effort.

We will be some of those heroes.

Here’s our chance!

Donate to Ball for Lives today-your entire donation will go to Malaria No More’s Net Distribution project in Senegal. Remember, every $10 buys, ships, and distributes a mosquito net to an at risk family. Malaria No More HAS EVEN RECEIVED A MATCHING GRANT OFFER-so now your $10 provides TWO mosquito nets!

Let’s encourage Eric days before he dribbles 26.2 miles through NYC by saving the lives of the children he’s running for.

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  1. avatar esther rodriguez Says:

    Go Eric :)! Definitely supporting the cause!

  2. avatar sam sisley Says:

    hey, I love what you guys are doing. I have no money to give but my prayers are with you guys!

  3. avatar Whitney Says:

    Prayers are welcome!! Eric- you will do an awesome job!

  4. avatar katelin Says:

    hey. i was at the newyork marathon and saw Eric running. I logged on the website to see what it is about. what a great cause. God bless

  5. avatar Mundo! Says:

    4 hrs… how did you do it, Beautiful man, gathers job and it was inspiring to watch you at several mile markers!


  6. avatar ash Says:

    eric! you are unreal man! you’re such an awesome example to those around you and yesterday you were amazing! great job! 4 hours is fantastic! way to represent Him well!

  7. avatar Eric Martin Says:

    Thaks to all of you guys. Sorry for not writing before on this page. You were all a good support there. The Lord gave me the strengh to go all the way. I’d like to do it again. I wish I could do it between 3h30 and 3h40 this time…or just finish not matter what after all.

    See you someday hopefully !


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