(Dribble the) World Record at the 2009 NYC Marathon!!!!

I haven’t looked into the record books, but I’ve only heard of a handful of people dribbling 26.2 with a basketball. Yesterday, Eric Martin dribbled the New York City Marathon in 4:00:45!! THAT IS FAST!

The previous DribbletheWorld.com record was 4:37:54 at the 2007 NYC Marathon. Other impressive times were 4:41:21 and 4:44:14–Eric shaved well over a minute off of every mile from those times! For those of you who are runners, imagine running around a 9:18 pace for over 26 miles, while dribbling a basketball!!

All that to say-GREAT JOB ERIC!!! Praise God for you and the heart He has given you for people. As far as I’m concerned, you have world record for dribbling a marathon-and if someone finds a faster time, we’ll bring you back to NYC to beat it :)

We’re still accepting donations in honor of Eric’s effort to help Malaria No More end malaria deaths by 2015. Remember, every $10 buys, ships, and distributes 2 mosquito nets to protect at risk families. If you are inspired in this way to give, donate here.

Keep checking DribbletheWorld.com-Many pictures and videos coming soon!

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  1. avatar Morgan Says:

    wohooo! yay Eric!

  2. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Our God is an Awesome God!!! Way to go Eric, doing it all for Him!!!

    God Bless

    Peter & Cheryl

  3. avatar Dre Says:

    Awesome Eric! Just Awesome! You are truly an inspiration man!

  4. avatar Chantal Says:

    You are awesome Ricky Martin!!!! Soooo proud of you =)

  5. avatar gmmfcm Says:
  6. avatar Whitney Says:
  7. avatar Karen Occh Says:

    We are so proud of you, Eric! God’s hand was surely upon you throughout the whole weekend. Thanks for such a great effort!

  8. avatar Judy Moore Says:

    So proud! Way to go!

  9. avatar james Moore Says:

    Way to go, Eric. Great job! We watched the whole broadcast on internet, hoping to see you. We’re looking forward to the pictures.

    From a proud father-in-law.

  10. avatar David & Julie Says:

    WOW!!! Bravo Eric. Nous étions en train de faire des devoirs chez nous mais ne pouvions pas nous retenir d’aller fouiller sur Internet pour voir où tu étais rendu…

    On est très fiers de toi, d’autant plus que tu as été rapide semble-t-il!!!

    Hey everyone: Eric is now safe back home in QC : I’m his little sister (neighbor) and I can see in front of my back door a pair of running shoes with an orange tag on it! Welcome back!!! Praise the Lord!!!

  11. avatar ash Says:

    great job Eric!! you’re amazing!

  12. avatar Ruthann Barci Says:

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens! Great Race!

    God Bless

  13. avatar Josée et François Says:

    Nous sommes tellement heureux et fiers pour toi et pour cette cause. Félicitations!

  14. avatar joselin from nazareth church west new york Says:

    God is faithfull, Greater things are yet to come. God bless you

  15. avatar Franksois Says:

    Encore good job Éric!! You were Amazing! ;)

  16. avatar David & Manon Martin Says:

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYYES ! You did it, son !
    We thank the Lord for His protection.
    We are so proud of you, not only for what you accomplished at the NYC Marathon, but also for who you are and the heart you have for other people. God bless you !

    Your proud parents !

  17. avatar esther rodriguez Says:

    AMAZING JOB ERIC! It’s absolutely great to know that you topped the record and for such a wonderful cause!

  18. avatar Samuel Plante Says:

    hey hey! good job Éric!
    je vais tenter de battre ton temps le marathon de Montréal l’année prochaine avec une balle!.(j’ai bien dit tenté)
    Encore bravo et c’est vraiment nice d’avoir été à NY pour courir le marathon!

  19. avatar Eric Martin Says:

    Hey Sam !

    Merci pour le email. Je relève le défi. Le prochain que je fais je vais essayer, je dis bien essayer aussi de le faire entre 3h30 et 3h40. Je pense que c’est possible. Ça prend moins de monde à contourner mais surtout une vitesse constante durant les 26 miles mias surtout entre 19 et 26. On s’en reparle


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