(Double) Dribbling for Darfur

 Usually during a game, no one wants to hear the words ”double dribble” but when it comes to our mission to DribbleTheWorld, we embrace the double dribble!  =]

After Danny Mundo, his sister Melissa, Whitney and I participated in The 100 Mile Challenge , we wanted to be able to do more for DribbleTheWorld- so we did. We knew that the Lord had more in store for us as far as running and dribbling went. We looked up future events, and found the Athletes Changing Tomorrow  5k/10k for Darfur which was on November 8, 2009 in Center Moriches, Long Island.

Danny Mundo and Melissa dribbling through Center Moriches.

Danny Mundo and Melissa dribbling through Center Moriches.

In our contact with two of the founders at Athletes Changing Tomorrow, Jessica and Amanda, we donated to their efforts (everyone at the event received a t-shirt…with dribbletheworld.com on the back as a sponsor!) they hooked us up with a media contact (check out the article!) and were huge supporters of our coming to dribble the 10k! So the four of us headed out to Long Island to share with people we had never met our vision to dribble the world.  

We were greeted with open arms when we arrived and tons of participants had questions for us and thanked us for coming. We were asked the usual questions: “Are you going to do that the whole time?” “Where did you play in college?” and my favorite, “Why are you dribbling?” I was so excited to be in Center Moriches that morning with Mundo, Melissa and Whit – along with our small but mighty cheering squad! =D Seeing Mundo, Melissa and Whit be able to discuss with people our desire was really encouraging! Thanks guys! Seeing how the Lord uses people and creating their involvement with BallForLives is really awesome. It’s a priviledge serving with you guys.

The best part? Participating in this event proves that anyone reading this can get involved. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dribble a full marathon like Occh, Gian Paul, Nate or Eric. At BallForLives, we’re all about how everyone can use their talents and interests to serve the Lord. In an article on the  BallForLives website, Occh points out just how Whitney has been used by the Lord recently in so many aspects – and now she’s showing a desire to run even more. She’s pretty amazing!

Jessica and Amanda with Ash after the race.

Jessica and Amanda with Ash after the race.

Through dribbling for Darfur in LI, we were able to establish a great relationship with Jessica and Amanda. Athletes Changing Tomorrow has information available on their website about how they specifically are involved with Darfur.

Despite the cold weather coming up in Jersey, DribbleTheWorld still has some pretty cool opportunities coming up in the near future!

Check back soon!!


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  1. avatar Morgan Says:

    Wohooo! You guys are awesome! I love that you got to talk to so many people about dribbling and about Darfur, and about Jesus and Justice :) Yay for meeting new contacts Jessica and Amanda!

  2. avatar Mundo Says:


  3. avatar Peter and Cheryl Says:

    Yaaay let’s dribble the world, double, triple even many multiple dribbles, all for the Lord and his mighty work!

    Go guys!!

    Peter & Cheryl

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