Reindeer Run 2009

On December 12, 2009, Morgan Cook became our second female runner and (second runner in Florida-after Nate Logan in Tampa Bay!) as she dribbled through the streets of Orlando. Read on to see what she had to say about her experience!

“When Dan, Ashley, and others dribbled their races, they were able to use talents that God gave them to glorify Him. I am not a basketball player, nor a runner. So, by deciding to dribble any distance, I placed my trust in God that He would glorify Himself through my weakness.
After about six weeks of training, two weeks of alternating cold and warm fronts, and a week of crazy rain, it was race day! A moderate temperature in the 60s, and definitely no snow, my roommate, Nneka, and I set out for the Reindeer Run. We were surrounded by folks wearing reindeer antlers and jingle bells.

Morgan as she dribbles in the Reindeer Run.

Morgan as she dribbles in the Reindeer Run.

Before the start of the race, I was able to chat with a few people about the Society of St. Andrew (which benefits people here in central Florida, and that folks can volunteer with) and about Bethesda Outreach. As I was dribbling I could hear people around me noting the website on the back of my shirt and wondering whether I would dribble the whole distance. Although I was not able to respond yet (as I was concentrating on dribbling), Nneka was able to fill in the gap for me and tell people about what we were doing. 
After the crowd thinned out a bit more, and I felt more at home on the road, I was able to have full conversations with people as I dribbled about why I was doing this crazy thing. One of my favorite moments was when a woman dressed as an elf offered to dribble for me for a distance. I heard parents saying to their kids, “Do you see her dribbling? She’s going to do that for the whole race, do you think you could do that?” The kids would reply no. Several times I said, “You can! It just takes practice.” I also responded directly to a little boy who asked why I was dribbling, “I am doing this so that people around here can have fresh food for Christmas.” 

Morgan and Nneka at the end of the race!

Morgan and Nneka at the end of the race!

Around the 2-mile mark I was a little loose with my dribbling, and that meant that I was getting tired. I am so glad for Nneka, she began reminding me of why I was doing this. I did this so that people who are hungry will be fed, that those who have who have lost their parents would be surrounded with family. That people would know of the Lord’s love for them. She reminded me of Isaiah, “…those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” (40:31) She then began praying for the orphans in South Africa, the churches here that partner with them, the farmers who offer their fields to be gleaned, the volunteers who do the gleaning, and those that would receive the blessings. It was good to dribble knowing that my Sustainer gives me hope, and that He will sustain those working for and benefiting from Bethesda and SoSA.

I finished around 44 minutes. Now, this is no record-setting time, but it does show that even in our weakness the Lord can use us to impact our world, to love others well, and ultimately to give Him the glory.

Now, as a rookie at this, I would like to pass this baton to other rookies! Use your talents to glorify the Lord, but also use your weakness to glorify the Lord. Do something that you will have to trust Him, that He will have to be your Sustainer. Let God use you to change your world. Love others well. Give God the glory!”

Way to go Morgan! Thanks for bringing DribbleTheWorld back to Florida!


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    Great Job Morgan! We’ll be making the donations this week-you’re amazing!

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    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

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