Dribble el Mundo!

He did it again! As if dribbling The ACT 10K for Darfur, doing his part in The 100 Mile Challenge, and The Run for Haiti on February 20 weren’t enough, Danny Mundo dribbled yet another event for DribbleTheWorld when he participated in the NYC Half Marathon. Here’s some of what he had to say after his amazing accomplishment:

DTW: Mundo, why did you participate in the NYC Half Marathon in the first 4452644644_f6a4643f72_mplace?

Mundo: Occh suckered me into it. Haha. No, when I saw normal people like Ash dribbling races for people they didn’t know, I thought why couldn’t I do it? I wanted to be a part of something bigger than me.

DTW: We know that you’ve had some problems with your knee in the past, how did you feel when you first started dribbling through Central Park?

Mundo: Haha, honestly, I thought I was going to die at mile 2 because of the pain I was feeling. It went down for a little while, but once I was out of the Park at mile 8, it turned into extreme pain…by mile 10, I wanted to dive into the Hudson River and cool off.

DTW: How did runners react when they saw you with your basketball?

Mundo: People look at you like you’re nuts, but when you tell them why you’re dribbling, they really respect it. There was a guy named Dave who loved what I was doing. He works with kids in Harlem on AAU basketball teams. There was a woman in I guess her mid-50’s who was really encouraging. People recognized the DribbleTheWorld shirt!


DTW: What helped you to get through this Half Marathon?

Mundo: A lot of things helped me pull through. One was knowing why I ran. I had the chance to run for two organizations in Africa-Bethesda Outreach and A Running Start. I had some pretty amazing people who ran with me for a few miles too. It was cool to be able to run on the West Side and get a shout out from some of the performers. Another thing was seeing people run who had physical limitations. I mean, I have two perfectly good legs. Why should I give up if they don’t give up?

DTW: How did you feel when you crossed the finish line?

Mundo: Relieved. Accomplished. Excited. Exhausted. I had a feeling that I  finally did something meaningful with my life. Working for someone who I don’t even know is pretty awesome.

DTW: How do you think the Lord used you?

Mundo: Christ got me to the finish line. The pain was bad while I was running, but it was even worse when I finished. God didn’t allow the pain to set in fully until after the race. He helped me realize that today wasn’t for me but other people and Him.

DTW: What can others learn from your Half? 4451889809_1fca0b8d4f_m

Mundo: Anything is possible. As long as you put the Lord first in all you do-anything is possible.

DTW: Any final remarks?

Mundo: Thanks for the support. I’m looking forward to running many more 10k’s for DribbleTheWorld. As far as Half Marathons go, I retire. :]

Great job Mundo! We’re so proud of you! The Lord is pleased with your act of serving Him in a new way.


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  1. avatar Mundo Says:

    I’m even more excited now for Whittlez half… By the way, the verses from the bible you guys put on my posters were a huge help! Thanks again people for all your prayers and thoughts of support.

  2. avatar Whitney Says:

    I am so proud of you, Mundo! Thanks for putting your trust in the Lord and persevering. I am so glad we could be there and be an encouragement to you! I love you, man!!

  3. avatar ash Says:

    Mundo you were amazing! Thank you so much for serving in this new aspect. Thank you for your humility in this situation! God used you greatly on Sunday! love you brother!

  4. avatar occh Says:

    Great job Mundo! It’s pretty amazing that I can be here in Italy knowing that the movemet keeps going forward. Thank you so much for taking this awesome challenge. You have no idea how the Lord will continue to use what you did on Sunday! Grazie!

  5. avatar Melissa Says:

    Great job danny boy..proud n blessed to call you my brother…your great and you did a great job man 4 real

  6. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Well Done Mundo! Let’s dribble the World and let them know how mighty the Lord is and the great things He can do through us.

    God Bless

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