Her Love for Haiti

On April 18, 2010 Laurie Plante will join DribbleTheWorld when she dribbles 12.4 miles in the Penn Relays Distance Classic 20k in Philly!

Laurie will be dribbling to support The Fondation Madame Mauviette Toussaint, an orphanage in Haiti that she was able to work with while she was on her Spring Break from BBC  in March.  Here are some of Laurie’s favorite pictures from her time there.

Hide & Seek

Rie and Laurie

Arts & Crafts

Laurie was used mightily during her time in Haiti. She was a blessing to the children at the Fondation and to all of those she came in contact with. Her desire to seek Christ and use her talents for Him is inspiring to those around her. Here are some more pictures of the basketball courts in Haiti and a group photo of Laurie and a group of kids she was able to play soccer with throughout the week.

The Courts

More Soccer

Check back next week to see how she did! We’re praying for you Lau and can’t wait to see you dribbling on Sunday! Praise the Lord for what He is doing with you and through you!


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  1. avatar Whitney Says:

    You will be great, Laurie! I am so excited that you are doing this!! Can’t wait to see you in Philly!

  2. avatar ash Says:

    laulo! you’re going to be amazing on sunday! i’m so excited for you and have been praying for you like crazy! thank you for all that you’re doing and sharing your passion for haiti with us all. can’t wait to see you!

    je taime my dear!

  3. avatar Peter & Cheryl Says:

    Hey Laurie go for it! All praises to Him for his work through you.

    God Bless!

  4. avatar Renée Chevarie Plante Says:

    Hey sweet we are proud of you!
    Serve your God and be happy !
    Cours pour Dieu et dribble pour Jésus et laisse le St-Esprit te guider jusqu’à la fin.

    We love you so much !!

  5. avatar Grand-papa Says:

    Bravo Laurie,

    Tu es formidable !!

    Continue !

  6. avatar Mom and Dad Says:

    Hi sweet!
    We are proud of you!
    serve your God and be happy !
    Cours pour Dieu et dribble pour Jésus et que le St-Esprit te donne force et courage jusqu’à la fin !!!!!

    We love you so much!

  7. avatar Laurie Plante Says:

    Merci Merci! your prayers are SO NEEDED!
    God has been amazingly faithful to me and this is only ONE simple way to continue to show him in action my love.

    Ash, je taime too!
    Wit, I live every minute with more anticipation! ;)

  8. avatar Rachael and Eric Says:

    Salut Laurie,

    Bonne course. C’est encourageant d’apprendr sur ton expérience en Haiti. C’est motivant de savoir que tu cours pour dribbletheworld. Dieu te transporte dans une nouvelle expérience encore !

    On te supporte.

  9. avatar Gerry Kraemer Says:

    13 miles…with the shape that you are in girl…that’s nothing…a walk in the park…may God be your strength sister!! Live fully in the moment!!

  10. avatar Morgan Says:

    Laurie, our prayers will be with you as you dribble! As you go I pray that God will remind you of the people you met in Haiti, and how with each bounce of the ball you are choosing to love them. Love is a choice that is shown through actions, and is a way to know the Lord. So, each step and each dribble and each drop of sweat will be you choosing to love the people you met the way that the Lord loves them!

  11. avatar jeffpeter Says:

    god bless Laurie plante that the people of Haiti will need your help ..

  12. avatar jeffpeter Says:

    God help you win this competition. so your back to help needy people in Haiti, I will pray much for you

  13. avatar Laurie Plante Says:

    MERCI thank you to all for your prayers and supportand encouragement.

    TODAY WAS AMAZING. I thank God for the opportunity to simply serve him once more. I will post a summary of my race sooon! Love you all!

    miss you Eric and Rachael!… A LOT!

    jtaime pa et ma.

    Oh Gerry… haha you are right it wasent that hard.. but still :)


  14. avatar DribbleTheWorld.com » Blog Archive » Barefoot Running Shoes? Says:

    […] receives will be sent to this ministry. I hope you were able to see the beautiful orphans that Laurie and Kellyn dribbled for last month in Philadelphia. Let’s continue to use Dribble the World to […]

  15. avatar Samuel Bergeron Says:

    Lol, I found you on Google. Stronging for the Lord. :) I don`t know if you ever check this, but I mine as well say hi

  16. avatar Samuel Bergeron Says:

    It would be nice to see you back in action but for the nations. We still care about you Laurie our Glory

  17. avatar Samuel Bergeron Says:

    It would be nice to see you back the nations now. We still care for you Laurie our Glory. :)

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