Donation FAQ’s

Questions you may have about our financial policies:

1. If I want to donate in honor of a runner’s cause, who do I make the donation out to?

Dribble the World collects donations through our parent non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, Ball for Lives. All donations can be made out to Ball for Lives, Inc. and are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

2. How can I make a donation to Ball for Lives?

Checks can be made out to Ball for Lives, Inc. and mailed to:

Ball for Lives * 395 Park Ave * Fairview, NJ 07022

Online donations can be made on the right side of this web-page.

Cash can be given to a runner, but please give the runner your full name and address if you would like a tax-deductible receipt.

3. What does Ball for Lives do with my donation?

100% of what Ball for Lives receives from Dribble the World donations is donated to the organization that the specific runner/event is designated towards. Ball for Lives keeps nothing.

4. Why does Dribble the World collect donations for Ball for Lives if they will simply be sent out to other organizations?

There are several reasons why we collect Dribble the World donations through Ball for Lives instead of sending donors straight to the organization(s) we are supporting:

So we can track how much a runner has raised and help them set fundraising goals. Before Ball for Lives became a 501(c)3 organization, we told supporters to donate directly to the organizations we were supporting. Due to privacy policies, we often weren’t able to find out for our runners how much they had raised.

So we have the freedom to split donations between various organizations. The 2009 100 Mile Challenge was dribbled to help the people of Darfur in Sudan. There were 5 organizations that we wanted to benefit. Because we collected donations through Ball for Lives, we were able to send a $500 check to each of those 5 organizations! (with a basketball used in the event!)

So more awareness is raised for Dribble the World. Each donor could be a potential runner, voice, or supporter of Dribble the World long-term. By making donations out to Ball for Lives, many people will check out more of what we do and how they can be involved.  By helping us grow, people are helping more organizations save more lives!


After you donate to Ball for Lives, you will receive a personalized email from us confirming your donation and where we are sending it. For any questions regarding our financial policies you can Contact Us.

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