Help Us Save Lives

Like Basketball? Could care less about Basketball? Love running? HATE RUNNING??? No matter where you fall on the athletic spectrum, there are several, specific ways you can help us at save more lives!

1. YOU CAN SPREAD THE MOVEMENT ONLINE. One of the biggest ways you can help us Dribble the World to save more lives is something most of you do everyday already: Tell the world about something cool you saw online! For 3 simple ways you can help make this movement huge online, read our post: Spread the Movement Online!

2. SHARE THE VISION WITH OTHERS: One person dribbling 26.2 miles in front of millions of people at the 2007 New York City Marathon to rescue orphans in South Africa. Now, people dribbling races across the continent to save lives around the globe. This is inspiring, and people want to hear about it! Check out 5 simple ways you can share our vision with others by visiting our post Share the Vision with Others

3. GET BEHIND OUR RUNNERS: The thought of dribbling a running event in front of hundreds, thousands, or millions of people can be a little intimidating! The support people give our runners is a key factor in helping them succeed. For 3 specific ways to support our runners, check out our post Get Behind our Runners.

4. THINK YOU COULD DRIBBLE A RACE? Are you inspired to dribble a race yourself for Ball for Lives? We’re looking for runners who will represent our organization well as they join us in saving the lives of people in poverty. Interested? See how you can register and the steps you will have to take on our Want to Dribble a Race page.

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