Want to Dribble a Race?

Ready to Dribble a race for Dribble the World?? There are 4 steps you must go through to participate:

1. Register with Us: In order to participate in any event on behalf of Dribble the World YOU MUST sign up and register with us. Contact us, let us know you are interested, and we will send you a registration application to sign up!

2. Choose your running event and start training! Choose a race based on a date, location, and distance that is achievable for you, then complete the required training to participate!

3. Choose Your Cause: Decide what international poverty cause you want to raise awarenss for, and what organization your donations will go to.

4. Raise Awareness and Funds!: By letting everyone you know about what you are doing, you are being a voice for those who are suffering, giving people an opportunity to be involved in saving lives, and spreading the vision of Dribble the World even farther!

 Can I run for Dribble the World if I don’t want to dribble?  YES! To find out how, read our post: Can I run without Dribbling?    

We pray that God would lead many to join us in Dribbling the World to share His love for the suffering.

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